Living Up to The Chance

Charlotte has had many chances to change her life around, but never followed through. changing schools and meeting new people will allow for more chances to come up, including one to be close to the most famous five boys in the world, will she live up to the chance?


3. The Chance to Make a Memory

AUTHORS NOTE! I'm going to make the paragraphs a little smaller for those reading on the app! And now i have new Points of view, enjoy:)    Long chapeter!!!!!

________________________________________________________________________________*Elle's POV*-

The school day was off to a slow start. Zayn was supposed to have new classes that I had too, but he didn't have them until later. So I was stuck in science. We were leaning about Newtons Laws, when my phone went off. Normally, I would ignore it but I got five or six texts within twenty seconds, so I became worried. When I checked, they were all from Zayn.

"Hey I'm bored, I want to do something with you but we are stuck here.xx"

"I think I have an idea.xx"

"Elle, meet me in the parking lot by my car, hurry!xx"

"Where are you? Get out here!xx" Zayn had snuck out and was waiting for my arrival.I turned to a close friend sitting next to me.

"Zoe, take my binders, I'll be back later."

She turned her backpack to me without looking away from the board. I slipped all of my binders and books in.

"You ditching?" she asked.I had done this for her many times before so I knew she would be ok with it.

"Yeah, just keep my books till I come back." She nodded. I emptied my backpack out almost all the way, and took my phone and IPod and put them in my purse. I slipped my empty backpack into Zoe's bag and she closed it shut. It took five minutes for Mr. Sabatini to turn around and see my hand was raised.

"Yes Ms. Reeve?" He asked, looking not at all as annoyed as he would with another student.

"May I be excused?" I asked. All the teachers loved me because I got extremely good grades, so they never thought twice about where I was going.

"Of course." I grabbed my purse and headed out the door.

While walking down the hallway the thought popped into my head that I had never done this before. I had never ditched class before. Maybe that was one of the reasons why none of the teachers ever thought I would. I started to walk slower and slower down the hallway and eventually found myself turning into the girls bathroom. I whipped out my phone and texted Zayn.

"I've never snuck out before, how do I get out without the main office knowing?"

Whenever a door not normally used is opened, a signal goes off in the main office and the intercom next to the door asks who is out there. If no one  responds, they go looking for any missing students when the next class started passing time. Passing time was two minutes away.  I got a text back in a matter of seconds.

"The door that leads out to the agriculture building doesn't have a buzzer during passing time, as soon as the bell rings meet me out there.xx"

I looked at the clock, one minute.

"Ok, see ya."

I was waiting for the message to send. I didn't have good service and I knew if it didn't send he would think I got caught. Just as the little check mark appeared on my screen, the bell rang.

I came out of the hallway and walked causally, yet fast, to the back door of which Zayn explained. I had had intro to agriculture in that building in 9th grade, and animal science in 10th. I was going to take horticulture this year, but too many people signed up, so I was left out. Kids where coming in at that point and I slipped through, trying not to be notice by some that knew I didn't have any classes out there. In the distance I saw Zayn, nervously looking at his watch. I walked behind him got on my tip toes so my mouth was right next my ear.

"Boo." He jumped ten feet, making me giggle.

"Elle! You scared me half to death!" He exclaimed.

This made me laugh more. He smiled down at me and couldn't help but laugh to.

"Ok. Ok. Lets go to the parking lot before someone spots us." He took my hand and lead me down a path in the woods that made it so we didn't walk past any windows.Once in the parking lot, he unlocked the passenger seat of his car and held it open for me. 

"Thank you." I said smiling at him. He smiled back and closed the door after me.I buckled my seat belt and Zayn reached to start the car, but stopped. I looked at him and he turned to me.

"You realize we just walked out of school and are about to leave for the day, right?" He asked.

I smirked "No Zayn, the thought had never occurred to me when I left class and walked out the back door and into your car."

He giggled slightly. "Well then you should probably get this checked." He said tapping my head.

He sighed. "I mean, you are defiantly not the type of girl to skip class."

I smiled. "Maybe I wanted to take a chance."

He smiled back at me and said, "Well then lets make sure you remember this chance."

We left the parking lot of the school, laughing and smiling the whole way.

Once we were a couple miles down the street, I asked. "Where are we going?"

Zayn smiled. "Well, I figured we would get caught if we went out in the open sooooo..." He paused dramatically and glanced sideways at me. "Somewhere fun." He smiled. I smiled back. 

We pulled up at the skate park that all the bad kids stayed at. It was packed full of other kids who were ditching too, I felt out of place.

"Sup Z!" A boy with long, dark, emo-ish hair said, running up to us.

"Liam!" Zayn said, smooth and practiced. They did some sort of over complicated hand shake before the boy finally turned to me.

"Who's this Z?" He said with an innocent looking smile. The boy, I presumed to be Liam, looked back and forth between us. Zayn finally realized and hit his arm.

Liam laughed. "She's really pretty." He said, turning to me to say it again. "You're really pretty."

I smiled and blushed. I was never good at taking compliments, especially from cute boys. I just nodded and he chuckled. Zayn and Liam talked about how Zayn never saw him here and asked why he was here.

"Had to get away, ya know?" Zayn nodded as if he completely understood. Liam looked back at me and then asked. "So why are you two here?"

Zayn didn't answer, which lead me to believe I had been asked. "Uh...Well..." I started, still not sure if I could trust the boy from the skate park.

He chuckled, catching me off guard. "You don't have to be afraid of me, Hun. I don't bite."

Zayn backed him up. "Yeah, he doesn't ditch to try to act cool like the other douches here. He ditches cuz his life is bad. He is the nicest guy I know."

Liam looked at me and extended his arms. "Hug?" He asked.

I smiled and went into the hug. He was really good at hugging, I felt warm in his embrace, and I instantly knew we would become friends.

"Liam." He said, pulling away to extend his hand.

"Charlotte, but you can call me Elle." I said, shaking it.

"Charlotte...I like that."



*Zayn's POV*-

As Elle and Liam introduced themselves, all I could think about was the smile she had on her face when they hugged. Why didn't she smile like that when she hugged me? He even called her pretty, I thought she was beautiful.

"Charlotte...I like that."

WHAT?! Is he flirting with her? If so it was working because she was red as a beet, and I had steam coming out of my ears. I mean, I had never officially said I didn't like her, I had only hit him to make sure he didn't insinuate anything in front of her. That doesn't mean he can go after her!

"So," Liam said, did I hear some seductiveness in that? No. I couldn't have. "Why are you guys here?"

Elle started to answer but I cut her off. "She's moving to a different school, so we cut to have our last day together."

Liam looked slightly disappointed, but caught himself. "Well, you two get on with that then." He said. He sounded almost hurt, and put on a smile that looked slightly fake. We walked off.

"He was nice." Elle said. I looked down at her big green eyes and smiled. Even when it was not appropriate, I couldn't help but smile when she did. She was all I had. I had no friends, bad grades, and no plan for the future. As if had one.

"Mm hmm..." Is all I could muster before I realized I was leading her in the wrong direction. 

"Oh no!" I yelled, not thinking.

"Whats wrong!" She exclaimed. I thought quick on my feet and pointed at a small bush. 

"I think I saw a monster in there, I'll save you!" She looked momentarily confused as picked her up. She  started giggling as a ran off with her in my arms.

I found my way to a field that was secluded behind the park and set her down. She was still giggling and in shock, so adorable.

"Zayn?" She looked me in the eyes, I nodded. 

"What kind of monster could have possibly been living in that bush that was so scary?" I smiled at the opportunity.

"Oh, you haven't seen one before! They are terrifying!" I explained, trying to hold back my laughter. She gave me a questionable look and I looked her in the eye and asked, "And do you know what they do?"

She shook her head.

"This!" I placed me hands at her sides and tickled her, sending her into a fit of adorable giggles.

"Zayn! Zayn! Stop!" She yelled, still giggling. But I was in no mood to stop. I got on top of her and pinned her hands above her head and tickled her belly, making her squeal with laughter. After a few moments I stopped, still holding her hands above her head.

"Elle?" I looked at her eyes, dampened from the laughter.

"Yes?" She asked, knowing I had something important to say.

"I know you are leaving soon," I started, "And I'm not sure I know how to say this, but I like you. Like really like you." I paused. "I want to say I love you but frankly, I'm not really sure what love is just yet, so for now I'll leave you with this." I leaned in, praying that she wouldn't pull away, and placed a gentle yet passionate kiss on her lips, and pulled away.

I waited, and waited, and waited for her to say something, anything! For her to show some kind of sign that she liked it, or didn't like it, I didn't know because she wasn't saying anything!

"Zayn..." I looked up, waiting for her rejection. "I don't know what I feel, and I know I have to leave tomorrow  but after what just happened, I sure as hell don't want to."

And that's all she needed to say.





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