Living Up to The Chance

Charlotte has had many chances to change her life around, but never followed through. changing schools and meeting new people will allow for more chances to come up, including one to be close to the most famous five boys in the world, will she live up to the chance?


7. The "Buddy"

AUTHORS NOTE- Ok ok so last chapter I said i updated every day....that was a total lie. I havn't updated in over a month but IM BACK! so enjoy :) also sorry its short, had to write a history paper too lol

*Elle's POV*-

As soon as I walked up in front of the school, I felt intimidated. this place was huge, I had never seen a building so big. So this was going to be interesting.

I opened the double doors and entered the main office. The front desk had a nameplate that read "Mrs. Parsmith" She looked nice, sitting behind her desk clicking away at her computer.

"Um...excuse me?" I asked timidly. She immediately looked up and smiled.

"Yes can I help yo-" She stopped mid-sentence. "You must be Charlotte Reeve, the new honor student!" I smiled, "That's me." She jumped up out of her seat.

"My goodness, its nice to meet you!" She said, shaking my hand. "Id like to have my schedule please." I said trying to show her i didn't want to be to late on my first day. 

Oh! I darn near forgot!" she said, clasping her hand together "We paired you with one of our students as a buddy, you have all the same classes."

I smiled at her "Thank you so much" I said, putting down my bags on the chair behind me to sign the papers she had just handed me. "When well she arrive" I asked, pen in hand.

"Oh sweety," she started, sounding sad "Its a he." 

This worried me. I didn't want another boy in my life right now. I didn't want to fall in love. Then again, I might not. Maybe this will just be a friendship, or maybe I'll hate him and just be able to ignore him. Just then he entered.

Yup, I'm screwed.

*Boys POV*-

That girl, I cant get her out of my mind. Her voice was absolutely stunning, and I didn't even get to see her face. I remember what she was wearing though, and her hair, and her dainty fingers on the guitar. I was on my way to class when a teacher stopped me. "Dont you remember, your the buddy to the new student." She said impatiently.

"Oh my gosh! I forgot!" I hurried into the main office, not wanting to keep him waiting. I was happy I was doing this, I knew what it felt like to be bullied in a new school, and I didn't want that to happen to him. I swung the office door open and stepped in, and there she stood.

Her white skin tight shirt with music notes, blue jeans, and converse were all too familiar. Her long brown hair cascading down her back. And most of all, her eyes. her eyes were the perfect shade of green. I tried to stop myself from smiling, but couldn't. She was so beautiful. I extended my hand to her.

"Hi, I'm Harry Styles, nice to meet you, uh....buddy" I said nervously. She took my hand and shook it "My names Charlotte Reeve, but please, call me Elle"

Wow, she was so elegant. The way she shook my hand, the way she moved, the way she talked, perfect  wait harry, slow down. You have only ever looked her in the eye once, its not like you are in love. Am I?

"So...Harry?" I looked up quickly "Yes?" I asked smiling.

"Shouldn't we head to class?" She asked innocently. I snapped out of my fantasy "Of course!" I said holding out my elbow. "Shall we?"

She giggled quietly and hooked her arm to mine. "We shall."

This day was going to be perfect.


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