Living Up to The Chance

Charlotte has had many chances to change her life around, but never followed through. changing schools and meeting new people will allow for more chances to come up, including one to be close to the most famous five boys in the world, will she live up to the chance?


5. Liam's Princess and Elle's Mystery Boy

*Liam's POV*-


I regained my balance, ready to start a fight with the guy I had pushed. I wasn't in the mood. I had just seen Zayn for the first time in a while, and I fall in love with his girl, NO, not his girl, UGH!

Just then I realized just who I had knocked down.

It was a girl, skinny, but a good figure. She had long brown-ish hair and beautiful long eyelashes. Her eyes were blazing green, and her hands were cut up from the pavement.

I bent down immediately. "Are you ok?" I asked taking her hand, "Your hurt..."

She flashed me a small smile as I helped her up. "I'm fine." She said, her voice cracking in pain.

I took her hands and took out a napkin from my bag and wiped the dirt off. I noticed her blushing and kissed the back of her hands. "Better?" I asked, trying to sound sexy.

She giggled. "Yes, thank you." She was shy, and cute. I held her hand for a few moments before letting go and blushing.

She giggled at my nervousness. "I'm Jess. Nice to meet you." She extended her hand to me, showing slight confidence. 

I took her's and in mine. "Liam." I said, short and sweet, acting manly. She was beautiful, all I wanted to do was wrap my arms around her waist, but I didn't. I just stood there, blushing at the way she looked right in my eyes as we spoke. It started to get slightly dark out.

"What is such a beautiful girl like you doing out alone this close to a skate park." I asked, I didn't even care that I had called her beautiful, right after I was mourning over Elle. She was beautiful, and I had to let her know that.

She blushed and smiled at me. "On my way home." She said, as if she didn't do this everyday, and was scared.

"Why don't I walk you home Love? Its getting dark." I said, sincerely wanting to protect her from the guys I knew hung out at the park this late.

She looked down, showing me her cute, shy side again. "Come on, let me escort you, ma'lady?" I said, bowing and holding out my arm for her to hook hers to.

"I'm not royal..." She said, shyly trying not to smile while looking at the ground.

I looked up. "You look like a princess." She looked up, smiling and hooking her arm in mine. "Well then, strong knight, take me to Cross St." She giggled and I blushed at the compliment and I began to walk her home.

I think I'm over her now...what was her name?


*Zayn's POV*- 

The Next Day


My alarm went off. Wait, isn't it Saturday?  i went to Elle's last night, i only ever go over her house on Fridays to study. Yes, but don't you remember Zayn? The only this you studied last night was Elle's sexy body, and her precious lips. Oh yeeeeaaah. I smiled when i thought that. Yes Zayn, it was amazing, but it'll never happen again and you want to know why?

Today is Tuesday, she is gone.

For a split second, I almost cried. But i didn't, I had school and didn't want to go in with red puffy eyes, I would just go see her this weekend.

I packed my bag and headed out to school, which was now a living hell.


*Elle's POV*-

I woke up to the covers being ripped off my body.

"Get up!" A now familiar voice yelled.

"I'm up, I'm up." I said sitting up and giving my dad a hug. "Now get out so i can get ready."

He left the room with no protesting and I went to pick out clothes.

For my outfit, a white, skin tight shirt that had artsy music notes on it, blue jean short shorts, and black, knee high converse. It was really hard to find ones without the zipper in the back, but I finally did about a week ago, so they looked new.

I finished the outfit off with white nail polish. I got out small printed sheet music, and pressed my nails. The sheet music appeared perfectly on them. I smiled at my work.

When I got downstairs, there was a note on the counter. It was dad saying he got a job interview and that mom called and said she got called in, but she loves me.

Well, she tried.

I went into the basement and got my sheet music, drumsticks, and guitar. I wouldn't be starting to play trumpet until next semester, and when I took a tour of the school, they gave me my schedule. It was all music classes. And I mean ALL music classes. No math, no science, no history. There was English, but it was to teach us how to write lyrics, and sheet to go with them. I know I'm going to like this school.

This school was in closer distance than the one in Bradford, so I walked. I fit my sheet music and drum sticks into my guitar case, so that's all I was holding. As I traveled down the road, I had the unbelievable urge to take out my guitar and just start playing. I checked my watch, I had a half an hour to get to school, I had time.

I sat on a fountain and took out my guitar. I began singing a new song I had learned.

"I never knew, I never knew that everything was falling apart."

"That everyone I knew was waiting on a queue."

"I turn and run when all I needed was the truth, but that's how its gotta be."

I teared up thinking about how this song used to remind me of my dad.

"Its coming down to nothing more than apathy."

"I'd rather run the other way then stay and see."

"The smoke and who's still standing when it clears."

I felt a shadow on my face as the person blocked the sunlight hitting, i continued to the chourus.

"Everyone knows I'm in,"

"Over my head, over my head"

"With eight seconds left in overtime,"

"She's on your mind, shes on your mind."

The shadow shifted and sat next to me, I couldn't continue.

"Why did you stop?" The stranger asked.

"Just a bit nervous, lots of things are changing today for me." I said, not looking at him.

"Well Love," The boy said, placing a hand on my shoulder. "Sometimes change is for the better." I thought of my dad.

He stood there with his hand on my shoulder, finally giving up on getting me to look at him.

"Well look, I have to jet off to school, see you around." He said, running away.

I looked down at my watch, Oh no! I'm going to be late too, I better go. I packed up my guitar and run in the same direction the boy did, to school.



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