Living Up to The Chance

Charlotte has had many chances to change her life around, but never followed through. changing schools and meeting new people will allow for more chances to come up, including one to be close to the most famous five boys in the world, will she live up to the chance?


4. Good Things Blinding The Unwanted Future

AUTHORS NOTE- I was trying to keep the titles to the theme of "The Chance to..." but its really hard so imma start naming then better, but ill go back to that soon :)

REALLY long chapter, enjoy:)


*Liam's POV*-

I walked back to school, thinking about Elle the whole way. she was leaving soon, i had to see her again. I put in my headphones and turned on the last played song.

"Breaking my back just to know your name."

Elle came to my mind.

"Seventeen tracks and I've had it with this game, I'm breaking my back just to know your name."

"Cause heaven ain't close in a place like this."

I hummed along to "Somebody Told me" by KILLERS. Somehow, whenever the chorus came on, I thought of Zayn and Elle. Did he have feelings for her? He must have, but he never SAID he did, did he? No, he didn't, or else I would have blown off how beautiful she was and left her to him, but now I can't. Zayn is one of my only friends. He understands what I go through, and I know what he is too, but I had never heard of Elle, who he was supposedly very close to. This hurt me a little.

No. Stop thinking about them, Liam. Stop thinking about her. She is not yours, she's Zayn's. Or is she? No he defiantly liked her, you could see it in her eyes, Liam, now stop it and move on.

Just then, I bumped into someone and knocked them to the ground. Your so out of it Liam, come back to reality!

*Zayn's POV*- 

I plopped down on my bed, smiling. I couldn't believe only on hour ago, she and I had kissed. I had wanted to do that the first time I saw her, and that was probably going to be the last. It hurt my heart to think about that but at least she wasn't moving? I mean, she would be staying Monday through Friday on campus but she was coming back to Bath on the weekends, and I could travel to her house.

That thought finally hit me, maybe it wasn't the last time I would see her. Maybe I would be able to see her on the weekends. This was all going to work out!

I turned on my Ipod and put on "Lay Me Down" by DIRTY HEADS

"I said I think that we could stay here, Cause I fear our time has come, We can walk down to the ocean, and sit with the rising sun."

I sang along to this part.

"So unpack your bags this instant, no more running from town to town, and now that we've arrived safely  Baby you can lay me down..."

I realized that the song lyrics matched Elle so perfectly, and went on the internet. I looked up the chords on guitar, fully aware that I had never even picked one up, and prepared for what I was going to do.

*Elle's POV*-

I came home to a quiet house, as always. mom had left a note, Got called into work early, don't forget to practice before your first day tomorrow, I'll make sure to see you off tomorrow, Love you, Mom.

I smiled, the fact that she even thought about seeing me off, rather than sleeping, made me feel better about going there. I walked to the basement, ready to start practicing when the door bell rang. I put down my drum sticks and went to answer it. I expected Zayn, coming to see me one more time.

"Dad?!" I paused, standing in his way.

"I'm home." He smiled. It wasn't the fact that he was home that surprised me, it was him, sober.

He wore a sleek black suit, with a pin on the chest. I squinted to see what it said. I froze.

"Dad..." I mustered, tears flooding out of my eyes. He pulled me into a hug. "I took your advice, your more important."

The pin said AA. Alcoholics Anonymous.

I never loved my dad more than I loved him at this moment. He had always come home drunk from drinking too much on the plane. He had never hit me, but he got dangerously close to it. Last time he did, I said he couldn't come home until he got help.

I hadn't even noticed he had been gone for almost nine months.

"Daddy?" I said, for the first time in years. The biggest smile spread across his face. "Yes Sweety?"

"How much work did you miss when you were in the program?"

He looked down at the floor. "All of it..."

I stared, shocked  he may have gotten drunk when home, but he never missed any work. He sacrificed that too. I took his hand and led him to the living room. I turned on my lap top and put it on his lap. "Dad, quit that job, I know you hate it, Find a new one."

He looked at me in shock, then looked down. "It's not that easy to just find a job..."

I kissed him on the cheek. "Neither was graduating from that program. you can do it." 

He smiled and began typing away. I smiled back at him and headed upstairs to my room. So many good things had happened today, I almost forgot that I had to leave tomorrow  WAIT! I have school tomorrow  I have to go practice. I got more sheet music off my desk and was about to head out my bedroom when a rock hit my window.

*Zayn's POV*-

I signed, finally finishing. I packed my guitar up and walked downstairs. 

"Mom, I'm heading out." I yelled into the kitchen. She walked in, holding a feather duster. She smirked.

"Zayn, I realize its warm outside, but you need to put a shirt on before you go to Elle's." She said, looking like she was trying not to laugh. 

I blushed. "I'll grab one on the way out, and how do you know I'm going to Elle's?"

She walked up to me. "Honey, you have never picked up a guitar in your life, and now your teaching yourself love songs in your room? I see how you look at her, and I'm ok with my Zayny boy having a little crush. She said this, tickling my bare stomach with the duster. I giggled.

"Ok, ok mom," I said pushing the duster off my body, "I'll be back soon."

"Tell me how it goes!" She yelled back, I really did love her. I grabbed a shirt and decided not to drive to her house, she might see the head lights in this darkness, I walked.

I began to get nervous, my hands trembling, almost dropping the case. i opened it up outside her room, about to get her attention when a ar pulled up. my heart dropped. i ran into the front yard to see elle's dad standing there, in shock to see me.

"Your Elle's friend aren't you," he started. "I didn't see you come out the door, how did you get out here?"

He was different, and I immediately noticed. 

He was sober.

"Mr. Reeve." I said, relaxing a bit.

"Hey son, I haven't seen you in a while." He said, motioning me over. I walked over and we bro-hugged. 

"Your different Mr. R, did you sober up?" I asked, catching myself right after. I was about to correct myself when I noticed the smile on his face, it was genuine. 

"You noticed?" He said. I nodded. He smiled bigger then looked me straight in the eyes. "Do you think Elle will?" he asked. I decided to make him feel good about himself, get on his good side so he wouldn't kick me out when he found out why I was here.

"Mr. R, did you do this all for Elle?" I asked, pointing at his Alcoholics Anonymous pin. He smiled, almost blushing.

"She wouldn't let me come home." He mumbled, quite childishly. I smiled at him.

"She will defiantly notice, and she will be ecstatic." He smiled and sighed.

"Ok, ok. You know what I have to do now, play the fatherly card ." He said straightening up. "So why are you knocking at my daughters window this late at night?"

I blushed, how did he know? "Well...I haven't really knocked just yet..." I mustered, looking away from his eyes.

He laughed. "Zayn, son, I see how you look at her." He said, does everyone see it? He glanced to the side and saw my open guitar case. "Let me enter first and have my moment, then you can have yours." He said, putting his hands on my shoulders and turning me around, pushing me away.

Here we go.

*Elle's POV*- 

I stopped in my tracks and heard another pebble on my window. I walked over and began to unlock it. By the time I got it open, Zayn had already started singing.

His voice was beautiful, as he sang the chorus.


"I said I think that we could stay here, Cause I fear our time has come, We can walk down to the ocean, and sit with the rising sun."

"So unpack your bags this instant, no more running from town to town, and now that we've arrived safely  Baby you can lay me down..."

I smiled and a tear fell from my face, I climbed out my window and onto the nearest tree. Zayn handed up his guitar and climbed up himself.

"D-did you l-like it?" He stuttered. I giggled at his clumsiness and he blushed

"Of course I did." I said, wrapping my arms around him. He smiled, nestling his face into my neck. "While I'm gone, do something productive with that lovely voice of yours."

I felt him smile. "I saw your dad." He said, tickling my neck with his lips.

I sighed of happiness. "Yeah." I said smiling. He looked up at me, smiling back at me.

"Are we going to see each other again?" He asked.

I looked him in his big brown eyes. "Honestly, I'm not sure, but just in case..." I bent and kissed him passionately  and he kissed me back. We kissed for a full five minutes before I notice my moms room light turn on. I pulled away.

"Good night Zayn," I said, trying to make him blush. I succeeded.

"Good night Love." He hopped out of the tree and headed home.

I climbed back into my room to see my dad standing in my doorway.

"Did you kiss?" He asked, smiling evilly.

"Dad!" I yelled jokingly and pushed him out of my room, giggling.

"Aw come on!" He protested. "Give me the deets!"

I laughed at my 'out of the times' dad. "Dad, never say that again!"

He turned around quickly. "What happened to 'Daddy"?" he asked, actually looking hurt.

"I love you daddy." I smiled, pecking him on the cheek. "Now get out."

He laughed, leaving me to soak in all the amazing things that happened today. I fell asleep, not bothering to practice.

I needed my sleep.









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