Juno moves to America to look after her grandmother. She doesn't realize what a strange town she now lives in. Brandon a Jock, see's her on her first day. She thinks its love till she meets the dark and mysterious Alex. He seems to be hiding something from her, but in fact the whole school is. What is the secret? What is Alex? Who is Juno?


1. First Day


©Copyright By Samantha Hallwood

I have never loved a person before. I have never had the sensations I get when he is around. His hair, his eyes...his lips. They all just make me stare. But  look at me, what is interesting about me? I am small, skinny and pale. I am what they call at school, a nerd. I can recite Shakespeare. I write poems. I think of the stars and how they collide together to make one big star, the sun. How can I compare with the other girls? He will just over look me. The girls he will like are Krista or Lisa. Not silly Juno, who doesn't know fashion when it hits her in the face. Lets just face it, I should give up. 


Newcastle, was our home bred town. We all loved it there. Dad had a good job, he owned a little grocery shop, which I sometimes helped out in. Mum was a hairdresser at Snippety Snap's. We had a nice semi- detached house and a big garden, which Alfie, our dog, loved. Everything was perfect until...

'Mr Parker?' A stern looking man said. Staring at our shelves of veg then at us.

'Yes, that's me.' My dad returned, looking a bit scared, as the stern man wrote something down on his clipboard.

'I have some news to tell you, some good and some bad.' Me and Dad looked at each other as the stern man continued. 'Your mother is came down with something. And as you know she does not live here, she lives over in the big apple. So, how can I put this nicely. You have to leave!' Our jaws dropped. My heart started to race as Dad opened his mouth and closed it like a goldfish.

'But - but. Why can't she come here?' Dad stuttered.

'Don't be silly Mr Parker. She is a woman in her late eighties and you want her to travel on a plane? Have some sense. Any way it already planned, your tickets are booked and you are leaving in two days.' As dad opened his mouth to protest, the stern man spoke again. 'It is finale Mr Parker, either leave, or be kicked out. It is your choice.'  Then he was gone.

  That night there was a heated argument between my mum and dad. Carey added a few bits, obviously sticking up for mum, who wanted to stay. I walked to my room, bored with the argument. My ears rang, as I lay my head on my pillow. I am sick of this, our family being bossed about. This nearly happened a few years ago. Grandma had come down with the flu and asked us to come over, as Dad was the only child she had. Luckily it was not serious and we were allowed to stay. But here it is we are actually leaving.

So, here we are. There was no miracle of letting us stay in England. It was over. Our Jeep turned around the corner to our new home. It was big and white, very white. There was a red door and red window sills. The house looked out onto someone else's house. There was a small pathway leading up to the red door. I pulled my little suitcase along the path. Carey was already inside checking out the bedrooms. I didn't care which room I had, as long as it had a bed. Lucky for us our house was next door to Grandmas, YEY!

Grandma stumbled out her doorway, a walking stick in her hand. She smiled at us as we started to unload our stuff. My dad walked over and gave her a friendly one arm hug.

'You okay Mum?' He shouted, she was partially deaf in one ear. 

She nodded and chuckled. I guess she didn't hear what he said. Her gray eyes found me, and they lifted from her smile. It has been four years since I have seen her in person. She trotted over to me and give me a tight hug. That woman was strong. My ribs ached as she let go of me.

'You okay Juno?' Her voice crackled as she said my name. She was like my dad small, plump, brown hair. But her hair was now gray from age. You can see in her face she was beautiful when she was younger. But age has broken that, and wrinkles cover her plump face.

'Yeah Grandma and you?' I shouted, a bit louder this time. Causing some attention from passers by, great.

'Yeah, I am fine thank you. Can't believe how old  you are and how beautiful.' Hah! 'Hello Lucinda, you okay?' She walked over to my mum, I ran to the house, before I have to talk anymore.

The house inside was white like the outside. There were doorways covering the hall. I looked through one and saw a old kitchen, with yellow counters. Yak! I walked up the creaky staircase and heard little sobs coming from a room on my right. Carey. I found a small room at the end of the hall. There was a double bed and a wardrobe covering most of the space. The floor was white and the walls lilac. Not bad. I plopped on the bed and opened my suitcase. It was kinda messy from the rush we were in. Unfolding each clothing and placing it on a hanger, for my wardrobe, took must of the day up. I sighed a relief when I felt the bottom of the case. Jeez, I didn't realize how much clothes I had. They were all from the same shop, New Look. I loved it there. They had a nice range of clothing, not to flashy.

'Juno! Its time for tea.' My mum shouted up the stairs. A waft of Chinese food hit my nose, mmm!



  First day of school, great. I would of been more excited,  but knowing I will be starting in the last year of school. A newbie, well that scares me. Everyone will know each other, they would all have groups. I would be a loner, hanging out in the Library till school ends. I want a change I don't want to be that girl. Moving is hard for any teenager girl, even if they are popular. As I will know by my sister, Carey. She was Miss Popular in our last school. All the boys liked her, they would wolf whistle her in the street. But she just soaked it all up. Letting all them lads take advantage of her. I thought she would be excited to get more wolf whistling from hot guys. But I thought wrong, ever since the plane has touched down in New York, all she has done is cried. Before we had the news about our move, she had just broke up with her super sexy boyfriend, Dave. Dave and her were closer then anything, until she saw another girls mouth around his. She has never looked so sad. It did not help when she found out that we were moving.

 I put some plain black jeans on and black vest. I shoved some vans on and grabbed my bag. Today is going to be good, Today is going to be good, I repeated to myself. Today will be good because I will not draw attention to myself, no one will ever know me. I am going to keep my head down. 

Carey pulled up in the, already full car park. The school was huge. There were four buildings attached to the main one. Groups of girls were running into each others arms. Showing of their tans and new clothes. All the lads were in the corner chatting girls up or goggling at them. Carey let out a huge sigh and got out our ford. I followed, taking a few quick breaths. Lads were already staring at Carey as she walked over the reception. She kept her head down which was weird, for her. I also kept my head down but I did notice I had less attention. 

Me and Carey are twins, not identical of course. We both have chestnut brown hair and hazel eyes. We are both slim and pale but Carey is a bit browner because she sunbathes. This is where we are not identical she is pretty and I am not. Sigh.

As we walked into the reception, heat hit us making me feel sick. The reception had brown laminate flooring, brown walls and comfy brown chairs. There was a mahogany desk which had a plump woman sat behind it. She was clicking away at her computer, she looked up and smiled. 

'Hello girls, how can I help you?' The plump woman said she had a strong accent. She had grey hair tied in a bun; it looked like she had a pin stripe suit on, and balancing on her nose were a pair of glasses.

'Hello, we are Carey and Juno Parker,' Carey gestured between us. 'We are new, our parents rang you last night.' 

The plump receptionist nodded. 'Ah yes, that is correct. Right okay,' she started to flick some papers. 'Here you are, this is your schedule and map of the school. I am Miss Morris, and if you have any trouble come to me. The teachers will understand if you are late, just explain.' She smiled again and passed us our sheets. We both said thanks and started to walk out of the reception.

The door swung up and a group of lads came in. They were obviously sporty because they all had them jackets on with the logo. Each one came in and looked us both down. I looked up and knew I shouldn't have. There in the middle of the pack was the most beautiful guy I have ever seen. He looked into my eyes and smiled. He had bright blue eyes and blonde slicked hair. He was broad shouldered and quite muscular.

'Brandon, Brandon.' Someone shouted.

'Wha-what?' Brandon stuttered.

'Stop dribbling come on!'

I looked up to find everyone staring. Some were irrated and others shocked. Brandon seemed annoyed, I quickly walked out the room grabbing Carey's arm. We hurried out of the reception, my face was flushed and I needed to breath. 

Suddenly Carey burst out laughing.

'What?' I spat, that made her laugh even more.

'I think that was thee first time I ever saw you like someone.' She laughed.

She is right though, I never like anyone and I mean anyone. I guess I have had silly crushes that have never got to any stage. Like Colin with his bad complexion, ginger hair and glasses. I have no idea why I liked him. But never someone that I stop in the middle of a reception and start to stare at.

Calculus first. I headed over to the maths block. Carey had algebra, I was so used to having her with me in maths back in England. It was strange now. I walked into the full classroom, how could everyone be there already. The bell hadn't even gone. A stern looking man sat at the desk, staring at a garden magazine. I walked up to his desk and coughed for his attention. He looked up slowly.

'Hello my name is Juno Parker-' He lifted his hand up to cut me of. Ergh I already hated him.

'Don't need to hear your life story!' He shouted, everyone burst out laughing. My cheeks burned with embarrassment. He seemed satisfied with his snide mark. 'Right here you go, book and your seat is there.' He pointed to a empty table. I was glad I was sat by myself. But I still hated him.

I grabbed the book and sat down. He just stood up to start the lesson when the door banged open. All the girls let out a little sigh, I looked up. There in the middle of the room was a dark haired lad. His hair was messy and his eyes matched them. He seemed about 6 ft and was very strong. You could see his muscles through his black t-shirt. He was much stronger then Brandon. He looked around the room, a smirk on his face. He then looked at my table and straight at me. He smiled and sat next to me. My body tensed, I felt a tingle go through my arms and legs. I itched and my arms, that made him smile even more. 

I sneaked a peek at him, he was looking at me with curious eyes. I quickly looked down and let my brown hair fall over my shoulder, hiding my face. I took a deep breath and concentrated on the board.

The whole lesson dragged. I didn't get a word the teacher was saying who I found out was Mr Harrison. I kept on sneaking a look at that mysterious boy, he was still looking at me curious. I felt his stare on me all through the lesson. It made me uncomfortable. 

The bell finally went, I grabbed my bag and rushed out the class. I looked down at my schedule, Astronomy, ergh!

I walked into the science block  hoping Carey was in my lesson. She was stood at the door, a group of girls surrounding her.

'Hey Juno!' Carey waved. Some of the girls in the group looked me up and down, disgust was on their faces. If looks could kill.

'Hi, you got Astronomy?' I asked. She nodded and smiled. She was never like this to me, we would argue and ignore each other.

I walked into the room, a skinny woman stood at the front of the class. She had red eyes, strange. I walked up to her, she looked at me and smiled. Her teeth were a dazzling white and in a straight line. 

'Hello Juno, you okay? My name is Miss Bernard.' Her voice was high and had an accent, maybe French. How did she know my name? 'Your the talk of the school dear.' She smirked. Wait a minute...has she just read my mind? No, it can't be I most of said aloud. She pointed to a desk, there he was again. That mysterious boy. Is he following me?

Ha, I think your following me?

A deep voice said in my head. What the?! It was from him I knew it was, I saw him smirking at me. I walked over glaring at him, that made him even more amused. I slammed my book down, sending a few glances. I sat as far away from him as possible.

'Hello, your Juno aren't you?' I looked to find him staring at me. God, his voice is alluring!

I nodded lamely. 'Yes I am.' I mumbled. 'And you?'

He smirked again. 'Alex. So how has your first day gone?' Wow! He is asking me something, something so normal. 

'Erm, it's okay...I guess. And yours?'

'Not to bad.' He chuckled, sharing a joke with himself. He smirked again. 'What?'

I didn't realize I was staring at him. I looked down, my cheeks flushed. His knee brushed against mine sending a tingle up my leg.

'Right!' Miss Bernard clapped her hands together, getting attention. 'Okay guys, as you may know already we have two newbies, Juno and Carey.' Every class members eyes bore into me. I looked down embarrassed. 'They are from England, so make them welcome. Right we have a project coming up, you have to work in pairs and make your solar system. Wright a paper do what you wish! Now you will be working with who is next to you. This lesson will be for planning, get going!' She walked over to her desk and sat down. Great, I am working with Alex.

I turned to face him, his eyes were already on me. 'Right so what do you want to do?' I asked, hopefully something that is long...no I mean small. Oh I don't know!

'I was thinking we could wright a paper.

'Oh, okay.' I felt tears coming, I don't know why. I thought he would want to spend some time with me, I guess not then. I stuck my head up. 'Right okay! If you wish I will wright the paper.'

He looked stunned by my change in emotion. I was actually. 'No, we can do it together. It is unfair, I will come over tonight if you want.' I gulped.

'Yeah, okay. Do you want my address?' I grabbed some paper, but his hand stopped me. His skin warmed my whole body. It felt good.

'Sorry,' He quickly grabbed his hand back. 'Erm, you don't need to give me it, it is fine.' Great I have scared him away.

The rest of the day was boring. I sat with Carey at lunch and met up with her after school. Alex didn't talk to me at all.

Great the first day there and I have already scared someone of!

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