Juno moves to America to look after her grandmother. She doesn't realize what a strange town she now lives in. Brandon a Jock, see's her on her first day. She thinks its love till she meets the dark and mysterious Alex. He seems to be hiding something from her, but in fact the whole school is. What is the secret? What is Alex? Who is Juno?


2. Alex

Mum and Dad were at our new veg shop, decorating. Carey went over to help so I was by myself. I decided to work on our project. I turned the computer on and put some joggers on. I wrapped a blanket around me and sat down. Just as the computer turned on, there was a loud knock echoing through the house. Who could  it be?

I opened the door to find Alex dripping wet from the rain. I opened my mouth then closed it. He smirked.

'Am I allowed in?' He asked, chuckling at my shocked face. I nodded letting him through the doorway. He had to duck down to fit through. He stood in my hall, his t-shirt stuck to his chest, I could see all of muscles. I had the urge to trace them. He smirked again.

'Is it okay if we do the paper in my room? That is where my computer is.' I asked choking a bit. He nodded.

'Yeah, sure.' He walked up the stairs and I followed. He seemed to know where my room was, he walked straight up to the door and let me through. I picked my jeans up and sat down on my bed. Alex walked in and looked around. He sat down  on my computer chair and stared at the screen. 'Right, you ready'

'Yep, well I thought we could research-'

'Ha!' He burst out laughing. That annoyed me.

'Fine then! If you won't work then I may as well do it by myself!' I shouted, that made him laugh even more.


'I'm sorry don't be annoyed. I was joking.' He looked up from his eye lashes. Wowzies! 'Please forgive me.'

'Okay...' I sighed sticking my lip out. His hand lifted my chin up. 'Why did you laugh?'

He smiled still not letting go of my chin, but I liked it. 'I do know a few things about space, you know.'

'Ah well, I guess I know a few things as well.' He chuckled and slid closer to me. He lifted his hand to my face and stroked my cheek bones. Electricity tingled down my spine. He tilted his head to one side curiously. 'Your so beautiful.' My heart fluttered, I have never been called that. Now the next thing I did, I didn't mean it! I jumped on him pressing my lips against his. His lips were warm and soft. It felt good. His hands tightened on my arms. Pushing me away from him. His eyes were crazy and angry. What have I just done?

He stood up.

'I'm sorry Alex I didn't mean-'

'It's my fault. I should have never come here. I'm sorry. 'Ow that hurt. He was gone in a flash.

I plopped on my bed and put my head in my hands. 'I am so stupid! What did I do that for?' I spoke out loud. Tears streamed down my face like a waterfall. How could I be so dum? I should of never let him in. I just felt like he might feel for me. Have some feelings for me! He seemed so scared and angry. Am I that bad kisser? The way said 'I should have never come here.' he shouldn't of. It is his own stupid fault, I am just going to forget him. What is the point of trying? He absolutely despises me! I still don't understand why though. Why did he call me beautiful? He should have expected something coming. 

Stupid, stupid me!


A few hours later, I heard voices and footsteps. Dad, Mum and Carey. There was a slight knock at the door and it opened a inch. Carey's face popped in. She smiled, obviously seeing my tear streaken face.

'I know how you feel honey.' She came and sat beside me on my bad, cradling me in her arms. We rocked back and forth, her warm breath tickling me neck. 'What happened?' Her voice made me jump from the silence.

'Oh, nothing. Just something stupid that is all.' She looked at me not convinced, but give up with a sigh seeing I weren't going to say anything.

We rocked, what seemed for hours until I must of fallen into a deep sleep.

I was running from something or someone. But who? I could see the school coming into sight. Carey was there with her little gang. But there was something different about her. She had paler skin and blood red eyes, not my Carey. I noticed all her gang were the same, in fact quite a lot of people looked like her. There was a crowd of hungry eyes watching me approach them. But my body wouldn't let me stop. They just kept on getting closer and  closer. As I got closer, I noticed animals there. Wolfs, Lions, Bears! What was this the zoo!

 I then turned around to find him. Alex. He was stood straight in front of me. My body had stopped in the middle of him and the crowd.He placed his arms around me and pulled me in. I didn't feel embarrassed by the on lookers. All I saw were them deep, dark eyes. His lips turned up, showing a white set of teeth. They were like Miss Bernard's all perfect and white. Blinding white. I felt my mouth turn up into a smile. I felt right in his arms. I reached for him, pressing my lips against me. It happened again he pushed me back, but this time his eyes were hungry. Hungry...for my blood!


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