Love Me Or Not? - A One Direction Fan Fiction♥

Hello Lovely People :)

This is a One Direction Fan Fiction about a girl named Alex. It is my first Fan Fiction and I hope it will be good! Please, Please, leave comments and please give your honest oppinion! :) The first couple of chapters may be a bit boring but, trust me, it gets a lot better!

Sometimes things are better left a mystery(:


14. Telling Liam--- Alex & Liam

    Alex's Point Of View


     "NIALL!" I screamed. What the hell was that girl doing in his house?! He knew I had gotten into a fight with her and that we hated each other's guts.

     "For once, I have to agree with her." Angel said, looking at Niall angerly.

     "I can explain?" Niall said, looking embarrassed.

     "Fine. Explain." I said.

     "Come with me Alex. Angel, make yourself comfotable." Niall took my hand and led me into his room.

     "Niall what the hell is going on?" I questioned madly.

     "Well after you two got in a fight, she looked really hurt and I felt bad so I borought her here." Niall 'explained'. Pretty shitty explanation if you ask me.


     "She isnt always mean! She even admitted to me that she was jealous because you were dating Harry!" He pointed out.

     "I AM NOT DATING HARRY!" I shook my head and started to pace. "Whatever. Do what you want with her, but Im going home!" I grabbed the door knob. Niall grabbed my other wrist.

     "Wait! Please, dont go!" He pleaded.

     "Why shouldnt I?!" I needed a pretty damn good reason why I shouldnt leave right now.

     "I love you!" He blurted out. I stared at him in shock. Oh my god.

     "What?!" I panicked. I didnt want anybody to like me, let alone love me.

     "I love you.." Niall trailed off, letting go of my wrist and looking at the floor. "Im sorry and I know you dont like me like that..." He blushed and avoided my eyes. I saw a tear fall from his face.

     "I-- Im sorry.." I ran out of the room in tears as well. "Take care of Niall. I think he might be crying." I said to Angel who watched me.

     "Wait! What the hell is going on?!" Angel asked me.

     "Niall just told me he loves me!" I yelled at her. I let out a sob. "I am a horrible person!" I wiped my eyes and walked out the door. I dont understand why they like me. I am not any prettier than any other girl. I am not much different. I know Im not normal, but Im not special. I needed to talk to somebody. Liam. He would know what to say.

I got out the paper again. I dialed Liam's number.

     "Liam?" I asked when he answered the phone.

     "Yes, who is this?" He asked on the other end.

     "Its Alex. Im at Niall's flat can you come pick me up?" I asked, my voice cracking from crying.

     "Explain when I get there." Liam said and hung up. He knew I was upset. A few minutes later, Liam arrived.

     "Can we go to your flat before I explain?" I begged, still in tears.

     "Yeah, whatever is best for you, Alex." He nodded and I got in the car. We drove, silently and arrived. We got out and went into his flat. I sat on his lap and he held me while I sobbed into his chest. He was the only one I didnt care if he saw me like this, because I knew he wouldnt tell anybody.

     "Alex?" He asked gently. "Will you please tell me what Niall did to make you act like this?" He wondered quietly.

     "He-- He told me he loved me." I let out another sob.

     "Why is that bad, love?" He began to stroke my hair. He was like the older brother I never had.

     "Because I love him back." I contnued to cry. "But I cant love him. Or Harry. I wont be in London forever and I cant have a l-long distance      re-relationship. A-and, I l-love Harry t-too!" I cried harder at this part. I loved two guys. I couldnt have either of them and they loved me back. Even if I could have them how am I supposed to choose between to guys who are best friends? Liam continued to stroke my hair and he began to sing softly to me.This calmed me down a lot. Pretty soon, I stopped sobbing and just laid on Liams chest while he sang to me.

     "Liam?" I finally asked quietly.

     "Yes?" He answered.

     "How am I going to do this?" I sighed.

     "With my help?" Liam offered.



     "I love you." I told him. I meant it in a sisterly kind of way. "You're like the brother I never had." I added, just so he wouldnt get confused.

     "I love you too." He said. I decided Liam was the person to talk to from now on. We sat for a few minutes in silence. I looked at his shirt.

     "Liam. You need a new shirt. I got makeup on this one." I held up the part that was stained black.

     "Its fine. I have stain remover." He smiled at me. I smiled back. Liam was a good listener. I laid my head back down and closed my eyes. I felt more relaxed than I had before. I soon fell asleep. I swear, I could sleep anywhere, at any time.

 Liam's Point Of View

     Alex fell asleep and I played with her long blonde hair. She was like a little sister to me. Im glad that she trusted me not to tell anybody about this. I felt horrible for her. She was stuck in London, away from home. I know it was a big change for her. And then add Niall and Harry onto that. That would be really hard. Especially for a young girl.

     Niall had some explaining to do as well. He really loved Alex? Well I could see why. They were a lot alike and she was very beautiful. I suppose Harry liked her because she was pretty and had a good personality. I, however, perfered her as a sister or best friend.

     Zayn walked into my flat and I looked over at him.

     "Hey Zayn." I said, smiling.

     "Hey. Whats going on here?" He looked at Alex.

     "She had a bad day." I explained.

     "I see.. Harry?" He asked.

     "And Niall." I explained what happened, knowing Zayn wouldnt tell anyone either. He nodded.

     "That sucks." Zayn sighed. "Maybe we should tell Niall and Harry to leave her alone for a bit?" He suggested.

     "Yeah." I agreed and got out my phone. I texted them, saying just to leave her alone for a bit. Zayn turned on the telly and began to flip through the channels. He stopped on a gossip show.

     "Zayn!" I complained. "This is all lie---" Zayn cut me off.

     "Its Harry and Alex!" He exclaimed, turning up the volume. I looked at the picture of Harry behind Alex with his arms wrapped around her. It was taked from the side, so you could only tell it was those two.

     "This picture was taken today by a fan of the popular boy band, One Direction! Harry Styles seems to have found himself a girlfriend!" The reporter continued to talk but Zayn and I stared at each other wide-eyed.

     "This is bad." Zayn finally said.

     "We can't let them see this." I said.

     "Right. What they dont know won't hurt them." Zayn agreed.

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