Love Me Or Not? - A One Direction Fan Fiction♥

Hello Lovely People :)

This is a One Direction Fan Fiction about a girl named Alex. It is my first Fan Fiction and I hope it will be good! Please, Please, leave comments and please give your honest oppinion! :) The first couple of chapters may be a bit boring but, trust me, it gets a lot better!

Sometimes things are better left a mystery(:


8. Tell Me A Lie--- Alex

     "You'll find out where we're going when we get there." Niall smiled and I looked at him curiously.

     "Ok.." I said.

     "Lets go to the car!" Louis said with a grin. We all followed him out to his car and we all fit. Actually, it was more of a van and I guessed this is what they used when they all went somewhere together. We drove and when we were almost there, Niall covered my eyes.

     "It has to be a surprise!" He said, when I tried to takes his hands off my face.

     "Ok, but it better be good. Or you owe me." I laughed and felt the car stop. "Can I open them now?" I asked. Niall took his hands off my eyes and I saw the giant clock that everybody talks about after they visit England. Big Ben? I think its called that. No matter what it was called though it was beautiful. I smiled.

     "Thats the biggest clock I have ever seen." I said, not knowing what else to say about it. It was a clock. There wasnt much to say.

     "So I dont owe you?" Niall said and laughed.

      "No, Niall. You dont owe me." I laughed a bit with him. I realized how cute his laugh was. I really need to stop thinking these boys are attractive. I couldnt like any of them. I just wouldnt allow myself.

     "Lets go!" Louis said, getting out of the car. I got out as well. We walked up to the gate and looked at the clock. It was really pretty. I liked how it looked old and I knew it had a lot of history. (None of which I knew) Harry stood next to me (of course). I looked at the clock. Still the same. Nothing very interesting to me. Suddenly, a cold breeze blew and I shivered. Harry looked at me.

     "Are you cold?" He asked. At the moment, I (for some unknown reason) decided Harry wasnt flirting.

     "Yeah, a little." I said. Harry pulled me in front of him and wrapped his jacket around me (which he was still wearing) causing us to be as close as possible. I ignored it because Harry was really warm and I felt safe in his arms.

     "Excuse me." Said a voice from behind. We all turned to face a pretty girl with red hair. "Are you guys from One Direction?" She asked, excitedly.

     "Yes!" They all said in unison, smiling. I was still wrapped up in Harry's jacket. The girl let out an excited screech and then noticed me. Her expression turned a bit hateful.

     "Who is she?" The girl asked, looking at me with mean brown eyes. I suddenly felt very intimidated.

     "She's a good friend of ours. Maybe a little more to Harry." Louis winked and I blushed.

     "I am nothing more to Harry than a friend." I said, annoyed at Louis.

     "Yeah, a friend that he kisses and sleeps with and wraps in his jacket!" Louis shot back at me.

     "The first two kisses were dares, the third he threw himself on me, he wouldnt leave me alone to sleep and I was too tired to argue with you guys to get out of my bed, and its only because I am cold!" I almost yelled. "Anyway..." I said, looking at the girl, who looked at me with an even more hateful look in her eyes. "I suppose you would like a picture with the boys." I said, trying to get out of Harry's jacket. He held me there for a minute and then finally let me go.

     "You little slut, stay away from Harry!" She hissed in my ear before she walked over to the boys. I couldnt believe she really just called me a slut.

     "Excuse me?!" I yelled back at her. "I am not a slut! I have known Harry for two days and so far, I dont like him!" I yelled.

     "You really dont like me?" Harry asked looking genuinely disappointed.

     "Harry, sluts dont like the guy they just want to have sex with him." The red haired girl said.

     "I am not a slut!" I yelled at her. "Harry, I do like you as a friend, but not as more..." I trailed off, hoping that would hurt his feelings too badly.

     "Really, Alex isnt a slut. I just kind of like her.. She has been pushing me away, but I cant get enough of her.." Harry said, quietly to the girl.

     "Ok, but when she breaks your heart heres my number." She grabbed his hand and wrote her number on it. To be completely honest, I was a little tiny bit jealous.

     "Thanks.." Harry said, awkwardly.

     "Well do you want a picture?" Louis asked with an obviously forced smile.

     "That would be amazing!" She said and the boys all leaned in and took a picture with the girl.

     "Thank you guys so much!" She said, a big smile on her face. She walked back and when she was passing me, she gave me a dirty look. "Stay away from Harry." She spat at me. This girl might have to learn the hard way never to mess with me. I could do what ever I wanted to with Harry. Not that I wanted to do anything with him...

     "Bitch, you wanna fight?!" I glared at her. Who the hell did she think she was?

     "I would, but I would feel bad kicking your sorry ass!" She yelled back.

     "Girls, girls! Dont fight! Do not touch each other!" Harry demanded.

     "Stay out of this Harry this isnt about you!" I snapped at him. "Come at me, bitch!" I called to her, spreading my arms out. She ran up to me and took a swing at my face. I saw it coming though, and I ducked. I came back up and punched her hard in the face. She fell down onto the sidewalk with a bloody nose.

     "Dont mess with a city girl, bitch!" I said, looking down at her. Luckily, we drew no attention except the boys. The girl just sat there, her shirt covered in blood from her nose.

     "Alex!" Harry yelled at me.

     "Before you take her side, Harry, she came at me first so technically it was self defense!" I yelled back at him. Suddenly, the girl was upright again and she tackled me to the ground. She grabbed at my hair and I punched her in the gut, which made her stop for a second and I was able to roll over so I was on top. I punched her in the face again, this time in the mouth, and  her lip started bleeding too. Harry lifted me off of her.

     "Stop it you two!" He yelled. I breathed heavily and looked at my clothes. No blood. Thank the lord. I was positive my hair was a mess though. He put me down so I could stand and I almost screamed in pain. My left ankle felt like it was on fire and somebody was hitting it with a sledge hammer. I fell to the ground. I remembered that it had bent the wrong way when she tackled me.

     "I think my ankle is broken.." I said, my voice cracking. Harry picked me up, gently. The boys told us to go to the hospital with out them because they were going to walk around a bit longer. I could tell though that they only wanted Harry and I to be alone. That was probably the last thing I wanted right now. Harry started walking as he carried me bridal stye to the van.

     "I cant believe you got in a fight with another girl over me." He giggled as he started the car.

     "It wasnt about you. She called me a slut and I wasnt just going to stand there and look at her!" I protested.

     "Just admit it, Alex. You like me. Even if its just a little bit!" He said, already pulling into the parking lot of the hospital.

     "I would be lying then." I said. Harry parked the car and leaned over to my seat, again, our lips barely touching.

     "Tell me a lie." He whispered.

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