Love Me Or Not? - A One Direction Fan Fiction♥

Hello Lovely People :)

This is a One Direction Fan Fiction about a girl named Alex. It is my first Fan Fiction and I hope it will be good! Please, Please, leave comments and please give your honest oppinion! :) The first couple of chapters may be a bit boring but, trust me, it gets a lot better!

Sometimes things are better left a mystery(:


10. Taken--- Alex & Harry

                                      Alex's Point Of View

     "Looks like I have a date tonight." Harry said, smiling. I was dying on the inside. I regreted even suggesting that he ask the nurse out. I couldnt let Harry know how much I really liked him.

     "Great! Now where the hell is that doctor? My leg is about to fall off." I said, wanting to change the subject.

     "He should be coming soon." Harry said, still smiling. I thought about the nurse. Long black hair, brown eyes, short, pale skin. Damn it. She was really pretty, and it looked like she didnt put much effort into her looks. I hoped she looked shitty on the date. What was I saying? She should look nice. Harry deserves a pretty girlfriend.

     "So where are you taking her?" I asked, again fake smiling. Lying. It was a gift and a curse.

     "To the club just around the corner from your flat." He said. So he was taking her to a club near my flat. Damn it.

     "Its pretty nice then?" I asked.

     "Yeah, its really nice!" He said excitedly. I wondered how long it would take for him to come back to me. If he did. I couldve been just another 'hot girl' he wanted to get with. I hoped that wasnt the case. I wanted to be special. I wanted to be different than the other girls he's dated. Maybe I pushed him away too many times and he had given up on me. Why would I ruin this for myself? Why couldnt I just accept the fact that I liked Harry? Because last time I trusted somebody and let them into my life, they turned on me. That was my dad. After he started dating Martha when I was six after my mom died, he had abused me. All because of her. She hated me and she turned my father against me. Just shows how easily you can loose the person who you trusted with your life.

      Just then, the doctor walked in.

     "Alex Styles?" He asked, looking at me.

     "Thats me.. I guess." I looked at Harry, laughing a little bit. I was a Styles girl today.

     "Which ankle hurts?" He asked.

     "My left." I replied, taking off my shoe, I winced. It really hurts. The doctor started to feel my ankle and I let out a small yelp of pain.

     "Its definately broken, but we need to take x-rays to determine where and how severely." He informed us. I nodded and Harry picked me up again, setting me in the wheel chair. I didnt want him to let me go. I wanted to be the girl who he held in his arms and never wanted to put down. I knew, though. I couldnt have him. I shouldnt want him. It would never work out. I wasnt going to be in England forever. We came to a big room. It was dimly lit and had a big machine in the middle.

     After the x-ray came out, the doctors discovered that I had displaced the joint. They were going to have to put it back in place and I was going to have to have an ankle brace.

     I sat stiffly on the hospital bed, with my legs hanging off the edge. I held Harry's hand because the doctors said it would probably hurt a lot. The nurse made one swift movement, bending my foot. It hurt like hell. I let out another little yelp. Then, the pain started to fade away. My shoulders relaxed and the nurse started to put the ankle brace onto me. Luckily, I could wear shoes and walk on it. She said high heels were probably a bad idea, though.


                                      Harry's Point Of View

     I held Alex's hand as the nurse, who I had a date with, spoke. I didnt hear any of it. I knew she had fixed Alex's ankle, but thats all I knew about the situation right now. I was frustrated with Alex. Why wasnt she getting jealous when I told her the nurse said yes? I wanted her to like me. I wanted to wrap my arms around her and make her feell safe instead of awkward. Instead when I told her, she smiled! She smiled! I couldnt believe she wasnt even a little bit jealous.

     "I'll see you tonight, Harry." The nurse, Karla, said to me and winked. I smiled and winked back, keeping up the act incase Alex did get jealous. I slapped myself mentally. What was I thinking? I made a promise. Maybe getting into Karla's pants would get my mind off of it.

     Alex stood up. I smiled at her beautiful face. I wished she was the one I was going on a date with. She wouldnt be one of those one night stand girls either. I would keep her as long as she loved me. If she stopped, my heart would be broken, but I would let her be free. For her sake. If it were up to me though, she would be with me forever, in my arms where she would be safe.

     "You ready to go?" She asked me.

     "Yup!" I said, forcing a smile. I was good at hiding my emotions. Well except when it came to flirting... We walked out together and approached the van the boys and I use to get all of us around. I felt myself blush, getting into the car and thinking about the kiss. Every time I kissed her, it was like a big bubble of joy burst in me and everything was right in the world. I loved that feeling. I loved Alex...

     I turned on the radio and 'One Thing' came on. I smiled, thinking of how much our song made me think of Alex.

     "Hey, Alex! Its your favorite song!" I teased her, smiling. She laughed.

     "Yeah, I definantly love this song." She said sarcastically.

     "Is that sarcasm I hear? Why dont you like this song?" I gave her my best puppy eyes, before turning the key. She laughed and rolled her eyes. That was another thing I liked about her. She wasnt a fangirl. I mean, dont get me wrong, I would totally date a fan. But, I thought it was sexy how she didnt like us.

     "We're here!" I said, pulling up to my flat. Alex looked at me, confused.

     "I thought we were going to my place?" She asked.

     "You thought wrong! You have to help me get ready for my date!" That was my excuse to have Alex at my house. She shook her head and got out. I followed her and opened the door.

     "What do you think I should wear?" I asked her as we walked in.

     "Well what do you have?" She questioned back. I smiled and took her hand, leading her into my room. I opened my closet for her to look through my clothes. She started to go through them, as I put on some music. 'What Makes You Beautiful'. That reminded me of her too. I sang along, looking at her. I was singing to her. I wish she knew. I think she thought that I was just a flirt and I kissed every pretty girl I saw. I treated them the same way as I did her. That wasnt the case.. I treated her differently.

     "How fancy is this club you're going to?" She asked.

     "Not too fancy, but a suit would be ok." I said, thinking about the way people dressed at that club.

     "Got it." She said, pulling out a fancy black jacket, nice black pants, and a purple t-shirt. It was nice, but not too fancy. It was perfect. Without thinking, I took off my shirt.

     "Before this goes any farther, Im going to wait in the hallway." She said, laughing and glancing at my abs.

     "Oops.." I blushed and she walked out. I got into the clothes she picked out for me and put on some shoes. I walked out and she looked me over. Damn. I liked it when she checked me out. I smiled. The music had stopped, due to the laptop dying.

     "Ok. Does my hair look ok?" I asked her. She looked at my hair.

     "Yeah just.." She reached up and started to fix my hair with her fingers. I smiled at her, she was only a few inches away from my face. I wanted to wrap my arms around her and kiss her. I knew I couldnt, so I just moved my face a little closer. She smiled back at me and finished with my hair.

     "There. You look hot." She said, again looking me over.

     "So you think Im hot?" I asked and winked at her, causing her cheeks to turn pink. I loved when she blushed.

     "Um.. Yeah.. I guess.." She muttered. Score! Alex thinks Im hot!

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