Love Me Or Not? - A One Direction Fan Fiction♥

Hello Lovely People :)

This is a One Direction Fan Fiction about a girl named Alex. It is my first Fan Fiction and I hope it will be good! Please, Please, leave comments and please give your honest oppinion! :) The first couple of chapters may be a bit boring but, trust me, it gets a lot better!

Sometimes things are better left a mystery(:


17. Staying Strong--- Alex

     After I was done crying, I laid on Harry's chest. There was no point in trying to put up walls anymore. I knew what was coming and I couldnt change it. Harry stroked my hair and I sang softly to calm myself down. I sang 'Safe and Sound' by Taylor Swift. I seemed to be singing a lot of her songs lately. I thought about everything that had happened. I was dating Harry (Not officially yet). That was the part that bothered me. I knew it wouldnt work out when I got back to America. I couldnt have a long distance relationship. Harry wouldnt be there to hold me or comfort me or wipe away my tears. I needed somebody I could depend on, but they had to be with me. I had been alone and secluded from everybody for so long that I forgot what it was like to have somebody there to hold you close and protect you. I needed that more than ever. I couldnt do this on my own for much longer. I knew I would eventually have to stand on my own again. I just needed help getting back onto my feet.

     "You and I'll be safe and sound." I held out the last note, finishing the song and cuddling into Harry. I decided to skip the 'Oooh' part.

     "Everything will be fine." Harry reassured me in a whisper.

     "I love you." I whispered back.

     "I love you too." He held me tighter. I was grateful for his company. For once. We sat in silence. It was like the silence before a bomb was dropped. We waited for nothing. Just silence. It seemed like forever.

     "Harry?" I looked up at him. He stared back at me with his emerald eyes. "Will you stay here tonight?" I asked, suddenly feeling like I needed company.

     "Of course, love." He smiled at me and pecked my lips. I didnt recoil or back off. I laid my head back down and closed my eyes. I fell asleep a few minutes later.

     I woke up the next morning in my bed. Harry's arm wrapped around me. I turned over to face him and I cuddled in, feeling protected.

     "Harry? Wake up." I whispered, pushing him. His eyes fluttered open and I smiled at him. "Morning." I said. He smiled at me.

     "Good morning babe." He kissed me and I kissed back. I felt him smile into the kiss and I did as well. I blushed when I realized that I had really kissed Harry back for the first time and I didnt pull away. We parted. "This is the best day ever." Harry laughed. I shook my head at him.

     "Im going to go make breakfast. You coming with me?" I asked him.

     "Yeah, but can we sleep for a little longer?" He begged, pulling me on top of him. I felt myself blush and I smiled.

     "No, I slept all day yesterday." I pouted.

     "We dont have to sleep." He whispered. I laughed at him.

     "Harry, we are not doing anything in bed. Understood?" I raised my eyebrow at him.

     "Thats fine the couch is good too." He winked at me. I rolled my eyes.

     "Harry we arent doing anything. Anywhere." I warned him. I rolled off him and got out of bed, leaving Harry to pout. "Are you eating breakfast or not?" I asked him.

     "Im coming." He groaned and got up. We walked out to the kitchen and I got out the eggs. I turned on the stove and put a pan on it. Harry cracked the eggs into the pan.

     "Can you cook sunny side up eggs?" I asked him.

     "Yeah, I never break the yolk." He said, smiling.

     "Good, because I always do. You're flipping them." I laughed.

     "Well now I know never to let you cook eggs." Harry smiled.

     "That means you have to cook them." I raised an eyebrow at him, knowing he wouldnt want to cook.

     "Damn, your right." He pouted. I smiled, loving his pouty face. I hugged him.

     "Its ok, I wont make you do it a lot." I said in an overly-sweet voice. He laughed and kissed me. I kissed back and then pulled away. "The eggs are going to burn if you dont flip them." Harry grabbed the spatula and flipped the eggs.

     "The eggs shall not burn on my watch!" Harry said , putting on a brave face and holding up the spatula. I just laughed at him and shook my head. He was still as weird as the day we met.

     "Yeah, because I have to tell you when to flip them." I pointed out.

     "Yes!" Harry said, still looking like a superhero from a comic book. I laughed and put some toast in the toaster. After everything was done cooking, we put it on two plates and started eating. It was really good. Espically for Harry cooking the eggs. I wouldve expected them to be at least a little burned.

     "That was good." I said, looking at my empty plate.

     "Yeah." Harry agreed, also looking at his plate. I stood up and took the plates, putting them in the sink. I decided I would wash them all after dinner.

     "I suppose you should call management and tell them." I looked at Harry, waiting for him to pull out his phone.

     "But its not official yet." He protested. He walked up to me and took my hands. "Alex, will you be my girlfriend?" He asked me, looking into my eyes.

     "Yes, Harry, I would love to be your girlfriend." I smiled nervously. He leaned in and pecked my lips. He then proceeded to call management and tell them. I sighed, knowing this was going to be dificult.

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