Love Me Or Not? - A One Direction Fan Fiction♥

Hello Lovely People :)

This is a One Direction Fan Fiction about a girl named Alex. It is my first Fan Fiction and I hope it will be good! Please, Please, leave comments and please give your honest oppinion! :) The first couple of chapters may be a bit boring but, trust me, it gets a lot better!

Sometimes things are better left a mystery(:


9. Speechless--- Alex

     I stuttered, like I always did when I got nervous. I didnt know what to say. I was lost in his gorgeous green eyes. We were alone. That made it worse. I couldnt just talk to one of the other boys. We were face to face and nobody could get my mind off of Harry. He was racing through my mind. The way he kissed me, his dimples when he smiled, his curls the way he held me, the way his eyes searched mine like he could see my darkest secrets. I was practically forcing myself to breathe. I sat completely still. I didnt know what else to do.

     "Harry..." I whispered. He just smiled at me, not moving away.

     "I love it when you're speechless." He let out a small laugh and I blushed.

     "Well it seems to happen a lot around you." I whispered, our eyes still locked.

     "Thats why I like it." He whispered back and slowly leaned in. He kissed me (again) and the butterflies went crazy. Why was I reacting so strongly to him? I kissed back just a little bit, my ankle still killing me. He pulled away and smiled. I stayed silent. I couldnt say anything. I was still speechless. My ankle hurt, but the rest of my body was numb.

     Harry got out of the car, closing his door and taking the keys. He walked over to my side and opened the door. He smiled and picked me up gently. I winced at the sharp pain in my ankle.

     "Not much better then?" Harry asked. He was still smiling, which made me blush and the butterflies come back. I hated this. I liked him and I knew I couldnt have him and he couldnt have me. I wasnt going to let my walls that I put up against him break down that easily.

     "No, it feels like angry dogs are chewing my foot off." I said seriously. Harry laughed and I looked at him. "Its not funny!" I scolded. He smiled his adorable dimpled smile at me.

     "Yeah it is. You got your ankle broken because you were fighting over me." Harry winked. Butterflies. I hated it when he winked, it made me want to kiss him.

     "It wasnt over you!" I protested.

     "Yes it was! What were the last words she said to you that made you want to hurt her?" He raised his eyebrow at me and I thought for a moment. Shit. He was right! She told me to stay away from Harry.

     "Thats not what made me want to hurt her, it was her 'Im so much better than you' attitude!" I said, again getting annoyed.

     "Okay!" He said sarcastically. He walked into the waiting room and sat me down on a chair. "Im going to go fill out the papers. Stay here." He informed me.

     "Yeah, because its not like my ankle is broken or anything." I rolled my eyes at him. Where the hell was I going with a broken ankle in high heels? He rolled his eyes back and walked over to the secretary. I looked at the small coffee table next to me with fake flowers, which had magazines. I picked up one at random.

     Guess who was on the cover? Those five boys that were supposed to be helping me. If anything, they probably made my time in London worse. Well Louis and Harry. Speaking of the devil, he sat in the chair next to mine.

     "You're everywhere arent you?" I said, holding up the magazine. He smiled.

     "You love it dont you?" He teased.

     "No, actually its pretty annoying." I said, sighing.

     "Alex Styles?" A nurse called out and I looked at Harry. He's an idiot.

     "Really, Harry? Alex Styles?" I looked at him with a disapproving expression.

     "Yes, really. Lets go." Harry said, with another one of his devilish smiles. He picked me up and began carrying me. "Thats her!" Harry announced.

     "Ok. Possibly broken ankle?" The young nurse asked and I nodded. "I will get a wheel chair." She said, turning to the right. She wheeled one of the hospital wheel chairs out and Harry gently set me down onto it.

     "This way please." The nurse said, wheeling me into a room. Harry picked me up and placed me on the bed.

     "The doctor will be with you shortly." She said, walking out.

     "She was hot." Harry said, smiling. I felt a pang of jealousy. No, I couldnt be jealous. I shouldnt even like him.

     "You should ask her out." I said, winking. I giggled a little.

     "Maybe I will.." He said, sounding disappointed. Damn it. Now I felt bad too. Especially because I did like him. I assured myself I only liked him because he was a good kisser and I couldnt date him just because of that. But deep down, I knew I really liked Harry.

     "Go ahead." I forced a smile and a laugh. (Thank god Im a good actress)

     "I'll be right back." Harry said, walking out. I felt horrible, but I knew it was for the best. I couldnt date Harry. I couldnt like him. A tear rolled down my cheek as I smiled. I wiped it away. If you love something, let it go. If it doesnt come back to you, it was never yours.


-Author's Note-

Sorry this chapter is so short but I thought that line was a good way to end the chapter! :) I will publish the next one ASAP :)

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