Love Me Or Not? - A One Direction Fan Fiction♥

Hello Lovely People :)

This is a One Direction Fan Fiction about a girl named Alex. It is my first Fan Fiction and I hope it will be good! Please, Please, leave comments and please give your honest oppinion! :) The first couple of chapters may be a bit boring but, trust me, it gets a lot better!

Sometimes things are better left a mystery(:


18. Niall--- Alex & Niall

     "Harry Im going to get a shower." I said, before walking out. I walked into my room and picked out an outfit. (

     I locked the bathroom door and got into the shower. I let the hot water relax me. I loved showers. They always cleared my head. As I got out of the shower, I remembered something. Niall had told me he loved me. Oh no. I had to tell his about Harry and I... How was I supposed to do that? 'Oh hey Niall! Guess what? Harry and I are dating now!' That would kill him. I had to tell him face-to-face. Without Harry.

     I slipped on my clothes and brushed out my hair. I put it in a braid that laid on my shoulder. I put on a little mascara and some clear lip gloss. I walked out to find Harry sitting on the bed, watching TV.

     "Harry. I am going out. You are not coming with me so dont ask. Stay here and I am borrowing your car. Got it?" I looked at him, my hands on my hips. I was not letting him come with me.

     "Why cant I come?!" He crossed his arms and pouted.

     "Because I said so. Its important." I walked over and hugged him. "I love you." I kissed his cheek and he smiled.

     "I love you too babe. Dont stay out for long!" He called after me as I left the room. I walked outside, grabbing the keys on the way out, and got into Harry's car. I had a basic idea of where Niall's flat was. I drove slowly through the streets of London. I finally found Niall's flat. I parked the car and locked it, just in case. I walked to Niall's door and knocked three times. I waited for a minute and then Angel answered the door.

     "What do you want?" She glared at me.

     "Who is it?" I heard Niall ask Angel.

     "Its that stupid girl again." Angel complained.

     "Niall we need to talk!" I yelled over Angel's shoulder.

     "Just leave him alone! Havent you done enough already?!" Angel spat at me.

     "Angel.. Let her in.." I heard Niall say. Angel gave me a dirty look and stepped aside. I walked in and stood a few feet away from the door, where I had came in.

     "Niall.. I have something to tell you. Youre going to hate me, but before you jump to conclusions, it was managements idea and I was totally against it." I started.

     "Alex. I already know..." Niall avoided eye contact and instead looked at the ground.

     "Im sorry, Niall! I really am!" I said, starting to pace. "It was that or Harry got fired and you shouldve seen the way he looked when he thought he was going to loose his job! I had to do it! Liking two guys at the same time is so frustrating! Then when you date one the other one hates you, especially when its his best mate and Im so confused right now!" I put my hands on my face, not wanting to see anything and I kept my head down. "Im so sorry!" I almost yelled into my hands. I suddenly felt two arms wrap around me and I looked up to see Niall. I hugged him back tightly. He had forgiven me.

     "I understand..." Niall whispered into my ear.

     "Thank you..." I whispered back, pulling away. I looked at Angel who was staring at me in discust. "Why do you hate me?!" I asked her, getting frustrated.

     "Because you're a filfthy slut! You just want all five boys dont you?! You---" I cut her off by slapping her in the face.

     "THIS WAS NOT MY FUCKING DECISION TO COME HERE AND I DONT WANT ANY OF ONE DIRECTION RIGHT NOW IM SO SICK OF ALL THIS DRAMA AND BULL SHIT! I AM BEING FORCED TO DATE HARRY! YOU KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT ME SO UNTIL YOU KNOW ME KEEP YOUR GOD DAMN MOUTH SHUT!" I screamed at the top of my lungs at her. How dare she call me a slut. She just stared at me in disbeleif. I kept going, quieter this time. "You dont know what its like to have one friend who you never get to see, being in love with two guys you cant have, raising yourself, your parents calling you fat and ugly and beating you until you bleed, beating each other, then them going to prision, you moving a million miles away from your home to be stuck with a guy who wont stop flirting with you, knowing you cant date him or the other guy who you like, and then having them both tell you they love you, and finally being forced to date one of them, knowing it will never work out." I finished and ran out the door. 

Niall's Point of View

     I sat there staring in shock at Angel. What the hell just happened? Was Alex's life in the States really that bad? Angel had a massive bruise starting on the side of her face from when Alex slapped her. To be honest, I didnt really like Angel all that much. She was kind of rude and didnt like my 'eating habits'. Screw her. Ill eat how ever I want. Im Niall James Horan for Nandos sake! Speaking of food...

     "Im going to get a snack." I declared and walked into the kitchen.

     "Youre going to eat?! After what just happened?!" She snapped at me.

     "Well I would chase after her, but I dont think it would make good publicity and Harry might try to strangle me." I explained, grabbing four slices of left over pizza. "Anyway, there is never a bad time to eat." I bit into the cold pizza. Yum!

     "What ever." She rolled her eyes at me and I smiled with pizza still in my mouth. I sat on the couch and set the pizza on my lap. I stuck one piece in my mouth and let go of it so I could hold my phone.

     'Hey Alex if you need to talk Im here and Angel can leave :) x' I sent to Alex. I got no reply and shrugged it off, knowing she was with Harry. I sighed though. I loved Alex. I wanted to be the one she came to when she cried. Unfortionately, that person was Liam or Harry. I finished my third piece of pizza when Angel stood up. Ouch. That bruise had to hurt!

     "Im going to my house." She said, walking out. See what I mean? She just randomly left without a proper goodbye or anything. Oh well, she was kind of annoying me anyway. The way she talked to Alex like she was some queen or something and Alex was just some slut that went around with five hundred guys. She obviously didnt. I knew she wasnt a slut and she was confused and it was hard for her in London where she had to fake date Harry, knowing it wouldnt work out after she left. Management was terrible to people sometimes. Espically that bitch (excuse my French) who was filling in for Uncle Simon. I hated that lady. Especially because she took any slim chance that I had to date Alex. I sighed as I looked at my last bite of pizza.

     "Im going to miss you buddy." I told the pizza as I engolfed it. I love food.

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