Love Me Or Not? - A One Direction Fan Fiction♥

Hello Lovely People :)

This is a One Direction Fan Fiction about a girl named Alex. It is my first Fan Fiction and I hope it will be good! Please, Please, leave comments and please give your honest oppinion! :) The first couple of chapters may be a bit boring but, trust me, it gets a lot better!

Sometimes things are better left a mystery(:


27. News.--- Alex

     I heard yelling and groaned. I was trying to sleep, could they not see that? I lifted the hat from my eyes.

     "What ever the fuck you two are fighting about, you need to shut up. I am trying to sleep." I said grumpily.

     "Sorry.." They both said, but I was already awake and I wanted to know what was going on.

     "Well Im awake now, so what are you guys arguing about?" I questioned, taking my legs off of Niall and sitting up.

     "Umm.. I was just.." Harry started.

     "He didnt want you to sleep at my flat." Niall said and rolled his eyes, which made me giggle a little.

     "Oh, Harry. We didnt do anything. I just slept and I dont know why you're so jealous anyway. Im not really dating either of you." I rolled my eyes without thinking. I really need to think more often. Harry bit his lip and Niall giggled.

     "I thought I asked you not to roll your eyes. It too fucking sexy." Harry whined.

     "Sorry. Its a habit." I shrugged.

     "It is pretty sexy." Niall put on an overly-flirty face (trying to make me laugh) and winked and Niall got what he wanted. I burst out laughing.

     "Shut up, you two!" I shook my head at them.

     "Oh! We should probably tell him..." Niall looked at me and Harry's eyes widened.

     "YOU FUCKED?!" Harry screamed.

     "NO! NO! WE DID NOT FUCK! God, Harry, you just think of the worst things dont you?" I laughed a bit.

     "Sorry. Im a pervert." He gave a cheeky smile.

     "What we need to tell you is that the paps got a picture of Niall and I when we were doing seven minutes in hevan..." I trailed off.

     "Oh my god." Harry said, as wide eyed as Niall and I were when we found out.

     "I know." I said starting to tear up a bit. "Everybody now has a reason to call me a whore and a slut and a cheat." I put my head in my hands.

     "Well we know you arent. We know you wouldnt cheat on us if you were really dating us." Harry reassured me.

     "Well nobody else does!" I hugged my knees, managing to hold back my tears. "Eight more days." I remided myself.

     "What?" Harry asked, both him and Niall looking confused.

     "Im going back to America in eight days." I said, biting my lip. I kind of hated to tell them that.

     "Oh my god!" Harry said disappointedly.

     "Noo! Dont leave us!" Niall said, hugging me and earning a glare from Harry.

     "Sorry guys. No offense, but its going to be really nice not being famous." I said.

     "We understand." Niall said, pulling away from the hug.

     "Yeah, it can really suck." Harry said.

     "I dont know how you guys do it." I shook my head at them.

     "No wonder you guys are insane." I tried to keep a straight face, but ended up giggling.

     "Hey! We are not insane!" Harry protested.

     "Oh really? You're pretty girl-crazy, Harry." I laughed.

     "Only for you." Harry winked, earning a blush from me.

     "Mhm. Sure. I bet as soon as I leave you will totally move on to some slut." I said a little more harshly than I had intended.

     "You have no idea, do you?" Harry said a little coldly.

     "What is that supposed to mean?" I looked at him, my mouth clenched shut.

     "How much you mean to me? Alex, you mean everything to me. You are the most amazing, different, beautiful girl I have ever met! And then the girl of my dreams is just going away, possibly forever and I may never get to see her again." Harry said and I had no idea how to reply, my mouth tried to form words, but I didnt know what to say. "Exactly." Harry said, sitting down.

     "I hate myself." I said, pulling my knees in and hiding my face. Why couldnt I stay here with Harry and Niall and the rest of the boys? Not that I liked it that much, but it was all because I couldnt date Harry or Niall. I hated my life.

     "You shouldnt." Harry said, walking over and lifting my chin up so I had to look him in the eyes. "You're amazing and beautiful in every way. Im so sorry we got you involved with this whole thing, its all just been a big mess." Harry said and I nodded.

     "Would it be terrible if I went to talk to one of the other boys? I know its kind of rude, but I just want a friend right now. A friend that doesnt have feelings for me.." I asked and they nodded, so I got up and walked out, running my hand through my hair, trying to keep calm and relax. I called Zayn. I knew he would make me feel better.

     "Bradford bad boy yo!" Zayn answered his phone.

     "Hey, bad boy, its Alex. Wanna hang out?" I laughed into the phone.

     "Oh. Heey Alex.." I could hear the embarrassment in his voice. "Yeah, sure, I'd love to." He said.

     "Ok would you mind picking me up at Niall's flat? I dont care where we go." I said.

     "Be there in a minute. Byee!" He sang into the phone. I could already tell that Zayn was going to make me laugh a lot. Thats exactly what I needed right now. After a few minutes, Zayn picked me up and we went to his flat.

     "So, what do you want to do?" Zayn asked.

     "It doesnt matter I guess." I smiled.

     "Twitcam it is!" He shouted and got his laptop.

     "Zayn I dont know if I want to--" Zayn cut me off.

     "Its fun! Trust me." He gave me puppy eyes and I sighed, giving in. He tweeted about it and started the twitcam. "We have six thousand viewers. Lets start!" He smiled at the camera and I smiled as well.

     "I dont know what to do." I whispered to Zayn.

     "Do you guys want to ask questions or what would you like us to do?" Zayn asked our viewers. We got tons of answers.

     'Who iz tht gurl with u Zayn?' One person asked. Their typing bothered me. I always got annoyed with people who typed like that. I dont know why though.

     "This is my good friend, Alex!" Zayn smiled to the camera and I waved awkwardly. "She's having a bad day so I thought you guys could cheer her up!" Zayn  told the viewers.

     'Why are you having a bad day Alex?' One person asked.

     "Umm.. Guy troubles." I blushed a little.

     'Oh! U're the girl who waz with Harry and Niall. Slut.' One tweet said and I put my head in my hands.

     "Guys! Dont hate! She is not a slut. In fact, she is the most loyal girl that I know. And besides, that picture of her and Niall was a dare. It really was, she is dating Harry. Louis gets carried away with dares..." Zayn trailed off. I peeked up from my hands .

     "I am not a slut, ok?" I said.

     'Its ok Alex. People just dont know how to respect the boys friends or girlfriends.' One tweet read.

     "Thanks. That means a lot." I half smiled at the camera and then looked at Zayn, getting an idea. He was going to hate me, but it was going to be funny. "Plus, when you get to hang out with the boys, you can do this to Zayn." I laughed, messing up his hair, causing his jaw to drop.

     "I cannot believe you just did that. While we were having a twitcam." He said, staring at me.

     "You shoulve saw that coming, Zayn." I laughed, fixing his hair again. "There." I said, looking at his still messed up hair, trying to hold back a smile.

     "This looks terrible." He said, using the camera as a mirror. "Im going to get my gel." He said, standing up. I grabbed his wrist.

     "Do your hair in front of the camera. Your fans will love that! Right guys?" I smiled at the many replies that were yes-es. He walked out and grabbed his hair gel, walking back in. He sat in front of the camera and did his hair and I could just imagine the screaming fans. Oh my god! Amy! How could I not have even talked to her?!

     "Also, I would like to give a shout out to my best friend, Amy! If you're watching this, I am so sorry I havent been in touch with you since I left. The boys have been keeping me really busy." I looked at Zayn with a blaming look. He noticed me looking at him.

     "Hey! I have not been annoying you! Thats Harry and Lou's job!" Zayn elbowed me and I elbowed him back.

     "Dont forget Niall." I laughed. "He threw yogourt on me today and it turned into a giant food fight. I won, by the way!" I laughed. "And Harry doesnt annoy me. He is my boyfriend Zayn. Louis annoys me! I mean that in a good way." I added. He was pretty funny, but I was too annoyed with things to appriciate his sense of humor. People tweeted and I answered a lot of questions about Harry and I, which made me think. We were going to have to fake a break up. The twitcam was about an hour long when we ended.

     "That was fun." I said. "Except the part where you almost blew the secret!" I punched him in the arm, not with all my strength, but just enough to hurt him a bit.

     "Ow!" Zayn clasped his hand over his arm where I had just hit him. "Sorry! It was a mistake and at least I didnt say 'Hey guys! Harry and Alex arent really dating! Its all fake!'" He said in a stupid mocking voice.

     "You might as well have!" I scolded and then laughed.

     "Our fans wouldnt catch that!" He protested, rubbing his arm.

     "Zayn your arm doesnt hurt that bad, I barely punched you." I rolled my eyes at him and he laughed.

     "You're stronger than you think." He pouted. I kissed my hand and slapped his arm where I punched him.

     "There. All better." I laughed.

     "That just made it worse. Im going to have a bruise!" Zayn whined.

     "You big baby!" I teased him.

     "I am not a baby! Babies dont look as sexy as this." Zayn said, giving me a seductive look. I laughed at his face and hugged him.

     "Im sorry I called you a baby, Zayn." I giggled.

     "Its ok." He smiled and then my phone started to ring.

     "Hold on." I told Zayn, answering my phone. "Hello?" I asked into the receiver.

     "Hello, I am calling to inform you that your parents' trial is in one week and the court has requested your presence." A woman's voice said on the other line.

     "A week?" I asked, confused. I thought it was in a month.

     "Yes, it seems a spot has opened up." The woman said.

     "Oh, well thank you for calling." I said, hanging up and looking at Zayn.

     "I'm leaving in a week." I said, not knowing what to think.

     "Oh my god!" Zayn whined. "I dont want you to leave!" He complained, hugging me.

     "I dont know if I want to either." I said, hugging Zayn back.

     "What do you mean, you dont know?" He asked.

     "Well I have mixed feelings about it.. I mean I will miss you guys so much, but I will enjoy having my normal life back." I sighed.

     "I understand. And just a warning you might get a lot of hate." He warned me and I nodded, pulling away from the hug.

     "I should tell the other boys. Is it ok if we invite them over here?" I asked.

     "Sure! But if they break anything, you have to replace it." He laughed and I texed all the boys. Finally, they all arrived and sat on the couch, laughing and carrying on.

     "Guys, there is something I have to tell you." I started, causing them to mostly be quiet.

     "Oh my god! I knew it! I knew you were in love with me!" Louis yelled.

     "Lou, that wasnt what I was going to say..." I rolled my eyes. "Where the hell would you get that idea?" I gave him an odd look.

     "I dont know I was just guessing." He laughed and winked. "Anyway, what were you going to say?" He smiled.

     "Ok then. I was going to say that I am leaving in a week, due to my parents' trial being sooner than we expected. Harry, we are going to have to have a public break up." I finished, looking at Harry, who was staring at me with his mouth half open and his eyes wide.

     "Oh my god!" Liam said.

     "I cannot believe this." Harry muttered.

     "I dont want you to go!" Louis screamed, hugging me.

     "You cant leave!" Niall protested.

     "I said the same thing, guys." Zayn told them, shaking his head.

     "I'll miss you too Louis. Even though you were mean to me." I added, giggling.

     "If anything you were mean to me!" He protested.

     "I know." I laughed and kissed him on the cheek. "Im sorry Lou-Lou!" I smiled innocently.

     "Hey! Im going to miss you too!" Harry pouted and I walked over to him and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek too.

     "There. Happy?" I laughed.

     "Nope!" He said, cupping my face, pulling me closer, and kissing me passionately. After a few seconds, filled with three boys laughing and Niall staying silent, I pulled away, blushing.

     "There. Thats all you get!" I laughed, walking back to my seat. "Im going to miss you all!" I pouted and we came into a group hug.

     "Well, before you go, we should do something fun!" Louis said, smiling.

     "What are you thinking, Lou?" I asked him.


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