Love Me Or Not? - A One Direction Fan Fiction♥

Hello Lovely People :)

This is a One Direction Fan Fiction about a girl named Alex. It is my first Fan Fiction and I hope it will be good! Please, Please, leave comments and please give your honest oppinion! :) The first couple of chapters may be a bit boring but, trust me, it gets a lot better!

Sometimes things are better left a mystery(:


7. Morning.--- Alex

     I groaned when I heard people talking. I just wanted to sleep all day. I didnt want to get out of bed, so I just rolled over and went back to sleep. Kind of. I was only half sleeping.

     "I know how to wake her up." I heard Harry's voice and I could almost see the devious smile that was probably on his face in my mind. I chose to ignore it and just lay there.

     "We could all get in bed with her." Louis giggled and Ii heard them walking over to my bed.

     "Dont touch my bed." I said, still half asleep. "Get the hell out of my flat and let me sleep." I demanded. There was a brief moment of silence and then I felt pressure on my bed. They were rediculous.

     "Get off my bed!" I yelled, rolling over to face Harry. "Harry you are the last person I want in my bed. Get. Out." I said, getting annoyed. Why cant I just sleep?

     "Babe, you know you like it." Harry winked. Ok. Um. Did he seriously just call me 'babe'?

     "Harry dont call me 'babe'." I said.

     "I'll call you what ever I want to baaabe." He stretched out the last word and I was too tired to argue with him.

     "What ever Im going back to sleep." I said, rolling over so I didnt have to look at his face. I had had enough of Harry's face for my liking. He moved closer and wraped his arm around my waist. Dear god, Harry! You have some serious issues!

     "Get your filthfy little elf hands off of me, Styles." I said, throwing his arm off of me.

     "Elf hands?" He asked. "My hands arent elf-like!" He protested. I sat up and saw that the other boys were on my bed too. They were all over each other and they were all sleeping in their pajamas as well. I shook my head. I was now completely positive that my days with these boys were going to be like this a lot.

     "Ok what ever! Just let me sleep!" I laid back down and Harry wrapped his arm around me again. I just gave up. I fell back asleep in Harrys arms.

     I woke up and felt something around my waist. I jolted up and remembered Harry was holding me when I went back to sleep. The boys were still sleeping in my bed. I rolled my eyes. They were so annoying. I got up, leaving the boys to sleep. I walked out and put on some tea. I walked into the living room and turned on the TV (or telly as they call it in the UK). I watched some random TV show and drank my tea. I liked my tea with a little cream and a lot of sugar. I loved basically anything that was sweet.

     I turned my head to see five sleepy guys walk into the living room. I laughed at them. They looked really sleepy. I moved over to make room for them on the couch. They all sat and stared at me.

     "Good morning." I said, with a smile still on my face. I looked at the boys and they all glanced down at my bare legs. Damn. I just had to wear really short shorts didnt I?

     "Just watch the telly." I said, rolling my eyes at them. They obeyed silently. Since when were these boys so quiet?

     "You guys are certainly very quiet today. I could get used to this." I smiled at their tired expressions. They werent morning people.

     "Dont worry, Alex. We get louder as the day goes on." Zayn explained. I sighed.

     "Good things never last long do they?" I asked.

     "Theres one good thing that I know will last for awhile." Harry said. I really didnt want to know what he was talking about, because, knowing Harry, it would be flirty or perverted.

     "Good for you Harry." I said blankly. I wasnt exactly in the mood to talk to Harry.

     "Why do you hate me?" He asked, looking a bit frustrated.

     "Oh let me think.. First off. Your full of yourself. Second. You made me kiss you on the first day I met you. Third. You made Niall kiss me." I said, starting to get annoyed.

     "So the kisses were that bad?" He asked.

     "No, they were good, but---" I got cut off by Harry.

     "So you would like to kiss again?" He asked, a smile on his face.

     "No! Thats not what I meant!" I protested. This time I actually didnt want to kiss anybody.

     "Alex, I think that is what you meant." Louis said, an evil smile on his face.

     "No! That isnt what I meant and you know it Lou!" I shot back.

     "Oh but, Alex. I think it is." He said, shaking his head, still smiling. I looked around at the boys and realized they were watching too.

     "Its not!" I almost yelled.

     "But who wouldnt want to kiss me again?" Harry said, with puppy eyes.

     "Me." I said, getting really annoyed. He moved closer to me and, since I was at the end of the couch, I stayed where I was and glared at him.

     "Harry. Get away from me I have had way more of you than I wanted. Plus, this is the second day we have known each other. You know nothing about me." I watched a look of realization flash on his face, then he resumed his flirty smile.

     "I know you're beautiful and an amazing kisser." He winked and I felt myself blush and Harry moved closer, putting his face two inches from mine.

     "I-- Um.." I stuttered. God, I hated when he made me do that!

     "You what, love?" He asked, moving closer so our lips barely touched.

     "I hate it when you do this." I finally whispered.

     "Are you sure, babe?" He asked, sliding his arm around my waist. "Just one last kiss?" He whispered and before I could answer, he kissed me. I reluctantly kissed back. I knew I shouldnt, but something was telling me I should. Did I actually like Harry? No. I didnt. He was a good kisser, but that didnt mean I liked his personality. I pulled away from Harry.

     "Harry!" I scolded. "Dont touch me!" I got out of his arms by standing up off the couch.

     "What?! Why dont you like me?!" He asked and I could tell he wasnt used to getting turned down.

     "Just because your famous and a good kisser doesnt mean I like you!" I yelled.

     "So you admit that Im a good kisser?" He said, smiling. Was this boy deaf?! Why did he always take everything I said and turned it around?!

     "Thats not the point! The point is that I dont like you so dont kiss me, touch me, or flirt with me at all!" I was so angry that he couldnt just leave me alone.

     "Sorry..." He mumbled, avoiding my eyes. I walked off to my room. 

     I looked at my phone. It was eleven o'clock. I started going through my drawers and found something to wear: A loose, long sleeved, light pink shirt with black jeans. I found some cute shoes to match. (

     I walked into the bathroom that was in my room. Wow. It was really nice. It had a whirlpool tub and a seperate shower, two sinks, and a giant mirror. I locked the door, took off my clothes, and got in the shower. After my shower, I blow dried my hair and curled it. I put on a little cover up, light eyeshadow, lipstick, and mascara.

     I looked myself over in the mirror and decided I needed a necklace. I grabbed one that was heart shaped with colored gems on one side. (

     I walked out of the bathroom and out to the living room. The boys all stopped talking when I walked in. I wondered what they were talking about.

     "Im going out." I said, avoiding looking at Harry. "I would ask you guys to come but your still in your pajamas..." I said, laughing a bit.

     "What if we got dressed?" Niall asked, again giving me puppy eyes. I loved his eyes too much to say no.

     "Fine..." I sighed and sat on a love seat that was next to the couch. They all got up and ran out my door. I waited for about ten minutes and they came back, dressed. I smiled and stood up.

     "Where to?" I asked them.

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