Love Me Or Not? - A One Direction Fan Fiction♥

Hello Lovely People :)

This is a One Direction Fan Fiction about a girl named Alex. It is my first Fan Fiction and I hope it will be good! Please, Please, leave comments and please give your honest oppinion! :) The first couple of chapters may be a bit boring but, trust me, it gets a lot better!

Sometimes things are better left a mystery(:


5. Love-Hate--- Alex

~Authors Note~ Thanks for all the favorites! They mean the world to me♥


     I watched Niall sit down, then I quickly looked away. The boys had been laughing since Harry gave the god damn dare. I was so mad at him right now. My first day with them has been this. I already kissed 2/5 of One Direction! If I could trade places with one of those girls who would die to be me, I would. Harry was probably my least favorite right now. He made me kiss him and then Niall kiss me. What is his problem? If Im going to be spending a lot of time with these boys I think I might need theripy, because right now theyre literally driving me crazy. Well, at least Harry.

     "Ok! Louis, truth or dare?" I asked him. Too bad he was too busy laughing to hear me.. "LOUIS! TRUTH OR DARE?!" I yelled.

     "Dare!" He laughed. I wanted this dare to be good. One that would turn the attention to him instead of me.

     "I dare you to run down the street with only your underwear, screaming 'FREE HUGS!'" I laughed at his surprised expression and the rest of the boys laughed with me.

 Ifyou really want to see that..." He said, standing up and stripping down to his underwear, exposing his abs. I took a quick peek at his muscles. (Anybody would if a guy with abs threw his shirt off.)

     "Yup. The door is over there." I pointed, a devious smile on my face. He walked out and the boys an I followed. Louis started running down the street.

     "WORK IT BABY!" Harry screamed after him, laughing. We all laughed along with him and after Louis got back, we were litterally rolling on the floor laughing. He looked so stupid!

     "That was embarrassing." He stated, before walking to his clothes and slipping them back on.

     "That was fun." I laughed, getting up off the floor. I sat back on the couch, smiling now that I had gotten the spotlight off of me.

     "The fun part is yet to come!" Lou said, smirking. I could already tell he was planning his revenge on me. "Harry? Truth or dare darling?" He asked.

     "Dare." Harry said after a moment of thinking.

     "Perfect!" Lou laughed evilly and I already knew what the dare was before any words came out of his mouth. "I dare you to kiss Alex. Again." Lou looked at my angry expression. "Just a little payback my love!" He laughed and Harry moved closer to me. "Wait! It has to be five seconds long." He demanded. Noo! Harry couldnt kiss me! I didnt want him to! Well, I did, but I wish I didnt and I had mixed feelings about it. I was hating Louis pretty bad right now.

     "Well this should be fun." Harry smiled and winked at me as he put his hand on the back of my neck. I couldnt help but back away a little. Im so bipolar. One minute Im wishing he would kiss me and the next I hated his guts for it. He slowly leaned in and kissed me. I kissed back, nervously and hating myself for it. The boys counted down, a little too slowly, from five. I really wished I hadnt enjoyed that. I got giant butterflies in my stomach as he moved closer at the count of three. On two he wrapped his arm around my waist. At one we partred.

     "Now THAT was a kiss!" Louis said still amused. At this point I just wanted everybody out of my flat. I was too angry to speak. I just wanted to hit Lou so hard! I knew that wasnt an option though. If I wanted to stay in England, I would have to behave myself.

     "Louis. I officially hate you." That was the nicest way to say what I was feeling.

     Twice. Twice in one day, the first day we met, Harry and I kissed. This wasnt normal. Especially because we werent dating. I stared at them all in hatred. I just wished I could disappear and not have to worry about liking Harry.. Or Niall for that matter.

     "Zayn, truth or dare?" Harry asked. Zayn's face was red from laughing. God damn it! Why were all these boys so fucking cute?!

     "Truth." Zayn said. Thank God Zayn actually had some sense. If he wouldve chosen dare I was positive Harry wouldve made him kiss me too.

     "If you could fuck any girl in the world, who would it be?" Harry asked.

     "Probably..." He thought for a few minutes. "Katy Perry." He said, smirking. We all laughed and wiggled our eyebrows at him.

     "Who wants to go next?" He asked, looking around at us.

     "I think we've played enough truth or dare for todayI looked at the clock hanging on the wall. It was quarter 'till six. "You guys need to go home." I said.

     "Can we come tomorrow?" Niall asked, giving me his sad face. Damn. You just cant resist Niall's puppy eyes.

     "Fine! But we are NOT playing truth or dare." I said, making it very clear. They all mumbled in agreement and we all stood up and walked over to the door. "Bye guys!" I said, holding the door open.

     "Bye Alex!" Liam said.

     "See ya!" Louis waved.

     "See you tomorrow." Niall said with a smile. I blushed a bit, thinking about the kiss.

     "Bye!" Zayn said.

     "Later, Alex." Harry winked and I felt my cheeks burn once again. I shut the door and ran back into my flat, dropping myself onto the couch. 'How could I let myself like two guys?' I wondered.

     I began to unpack and finished. I loved my clothes. I managed to hide my nice ones (which was most of what I had) at home so someday I could run away from that house of nightmares and acutally have nice clothes to wear. I finally finished unpacking and walked over to my king size bed. It had about a billion pillows and I jumped onto it, feeling like I was laying on a cloud. I got out, remembering I had to put pajamas on. I got my red short shorts that were really comfortable and a I ♥ NYC shirt that was about three sizes too big for me. Amy had gotten it for me from when she was there. I put on the shorts and realized how short they were. I slipped on the shirt, which almost came down to the bottom of the shorts. I put my hair up in a messy bun and flipped the light switch out. I laid in bed and fell asleep quickly.


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