Love Me Or Not? - A One Direction Fan Fiction♥

Hello Lovely People :)

This is a One Direction Fan Fiction about a girl named Alex. It is my first Fan Fiction and I hope it will be good! Please, Please, leave comments and please give your honest oppinion! :) The first couple of chapters may be a bit boring but, trust me, it gets a lot better!

Sometimes things are better left a mystery(:


30. Goodbye--- Alex

     I heard my alarm clock buzzing. I didnt want to get out of Harry's warm grip. His arm was around my waist and I was cuddled into his chest. I sighed, getting up.

     "Guys!" I called out to the five boys who were in my bed. I just realized how awkward that was for five guys to be sleeping in your bed... What ever they were my friends. I heard a few sleepy groans, as I got out of bed, grabbing my clothes. I ran into the bathroom and got a quick shower. I put on my white, flowy shirt, jean shorts, and brown sandals. I quickly dried my hair and let it stay its natural wave. I put my raybans on top of my head and put on some light pink eyeshadow on with brown eyeliner. I put on some lipstick to match my eyeshadow. ( I was ready to go. Well, I had everything I needed, but I really didnt want to leave. As stressful as my time here with the boys may have been, I was really going to miss them. I walked out of the bathroom, looking at the still sleeping boys of One Direction. I put the clothes that I had slept in into my suitcase. I walked over to the edge of the bed and shook it.

     "Guys! Wake up! I have to go!" I yelled.

     "Fine!" Louis yelled, rolling off the bed and falling onto the floor.

     "Morning." Harry said sleepily, getting up.

     "Morning." I replied. Neither of us could say this was a particularly good morning. The rest of the boys finally got up and got dressed in the clothes that they brought.

     "I still cant believe Im leaving." I sighed, sitting at the table, as Zayn got us all bowls of cheerie-o's.

     "I dont want you to leave, Alex!" Lou whined, bringing me into a bone-crushing hug.

     "I dont want you to leave either!" Niall groaned.

     "Me neither!" Zayn frowned.

     "I agree!" Liam sighed.

     "You shouldnt have to!" Harry pouted.

     "I dont want to leave either, guys." I said, hugging Louis back. We all ate our cereal glumly. My phone began to ring and I checked the caller ID before answering.

     "Hi, Uncle Simon!" I said into the reciever, trying to sound enthusiastic.

     "Hello, Alex. I am so sorry I havent been in touch, it has been very busy. Also, I have warned Mrs. Mare, who was filling in for me, about making those kinds of decisions without consulting me. I will be at the airport for when you leave to say goodbye!" He finished.

     "Thanks, Uncle Simon! I cant wait to see you. Even if its only for a few minutes." I told him.

     "I will be happy to see you as well!" He said, warmly.

     "See you then!" I said, hanging up. I slid my phone into my pocket and half smiled at the boys. They returned my half smile, taking their empty bowls to the sink.

     "Ready to go then?" Liam asked the five of us.

     "Ready as I'll ever be." I sighed, taking my bags.

     "Here, we'll help!" Zayn offered. The boys each took a bag, leaving me with nothing but the box with the pictures inside it and my purse.

     "Thanks, but I couldve handled it." I smiled and they all shrugged. I shook my head and walked out to the van. I sat up front with Liam, who was driving. We decided to sing along to the radio again for memories sake. The car ride was really loud. Once again. We arrived at the same airport that I had arrived in London at. I smiled, remembering meeting Louis and the boys for the first time. The first time I kissed Harry. When Niall kissed me. All these memories flooding back into my mind. I took a deep breath and stepped out of the van, followed by the boys. We walked into the airport and went through the routine that you do before boarding the airplane. I spotted my uncle waiting for me. I waved to him as we approached.

     "Hello, Alex!" He said, as we hugged each other. "I am so sorry, but I have to leave, I have a very important meeting that I am already late for." He apologized.

     "Thats fine! Thanks for coming!" I nodded.

     "Thank you." He smiled warmly. "Goodbye." He said, waving as he left. I turned to the boys, starting to get choked up.

     "Come here!" Harry held out his arms and I walked into his warm embrace. Was this really one of the last times I will get to hug him? I lifted my head up and pecked his lips.

     "Im going to miss you a lot." I said, trying to hold back my tears.

     "Ill never forget you." He said, kissing me. I kissed back softly and after a few seconds, broke away, since I had to say goodbye to the other boys as well. I walked over to Louis, hugging him tightly, the tears starting to blur my vision. I blinked a few out. I was glad I wore water-proof mascara today.

     "Im going to miss you and your stupid jokes, Lou." I laughed a bit, wiping my eyes.

     "Im going to miss you and embarrassing you!" He smiled. I walked over to Zayn and we hugged.

     "Im going to miss you and our stupid, flirty conversations." I said, causing us both to laugh a little.

     "Im going to miss you and our conversations too, babe." He winked, making me laugh and think about our rediculous conversations. I walked over to Liam next, hugging him as well.

     "Im going to miss you and having somebody there for me." I told him.

     "Im going to miss you too, and hanging out with you." He replied. Finally, I walked over to Niall, hugging him tightly.

     "Im going to miss you and eating with you." I giggled slightly, thinking about our food fight.

     "Im going to miss you and eating with you as well!" Niall said, giving me one of his famous 'Horan hugs'. I pecked his lips, not sure if I should. He kissed me back and we parted. I wiped the tears that had soaked my face away.

     "You guys are so amazing and I love you all. I cant believe Im leaving." I sniffled, as we group hugged. I noticed their faces were wet as well.

     "We love you too!" They all said in sync. I heard the voice over the loud speaker inform us that my flight was leaving.

     "Thats my flight." I sighed. "Im going to miss you guys so much." I said, gathering my bags and wiping my eyes. "I love you." I said, still crying.

     "We are going to miss you too and we love you too." Liam told me and the boys nodded in agreement. I handed the employee my ticket, looking back at the boys. I boarded my plane, leaving London and the boys behind. I hoped that one day I would see them again. If I was meant to, I would. I just hoped fate was on my side for once.


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