Love Me Or Not? - A One Direction Fan Fiction♥

Hello Lovely People :)

This is a One Direction Fan Fiction about a girl named Alex. It is my first Fan Fiction and I hope it will be good! Please, Please, leave comments and please give your honest oppinion! :) The first couple of chapters may be a bit boring but, trust me, it gets a lot better!

Sometimes things are better left a mystery(:


26. Food--- Alex

     Harry had woken me up with a phone call. I smiled, thinking about how cute he was when he was worried. Damn it. I really shouldnt have forgiven him that easily, but I couldnt stay mad at him. He was Harry. I sighed, not wanting to go back to sleep. I got up and got into the shower. I let the water soak into me. I loved showers, theyre so relaxing. I got out and dried and straightened my hair. I put on my sweat pants and a T-shirt, not caring about what I was wearing. I wasnt going out today so it didnt matter. I turned on the TV to see a picture of Niall and I making out in the office.

     "Oh. My. God." I said, outloud. I turned up the TV to hear the reporter. I recorded the channel, because I needed to show Niall.

     "This picture was taken yesterday evening through an apartment window! It appears to be the same girl who Harry Styles claims to be dating!" Another picture of Harry and I at Nandos, kissing, showed up on the screen. "It looks like this girl just cant get enough of One Direction!" He finished off. I sat there with my mouth open, staring at the TV, but not really watching. I switched off the TV and whipped out my phone, calling Niall.

     "Hello?" He answered.


     "Ok, ok!" He said. "I'll be over soon." He told me, hanging up. I stood up and walked around the apartment, closing all the curtains. The paps couldnt see that Niall was here again. That would make things a whole lot worse. Finally, Niall came into my flat.

     "Niall!" I grabbed his hand, leading him into the living room and making him sit on the couch.

     "Whats going on?" He looked at me quizacally and I turned on the recording.

     "Watch this." I said as it began. We listened to the reporter talk and by the end of the recording, Niall was looking at me, his mouth hanging open and his eyes wide.

     "How the fuck did they get pictures of us?!" He practically yelled.

     "Through the window!" I yelled back, standing up and pacing.

     "But- But it was just a dare!" Niall said, watching me.

     "I know!" My hands were on my head. I could not believe what hanging out with these boys had done to me.

     "This is terrible!" He said, standing up and heading toward the kitchen.

     "Niall. What are you doing?" I asked him and stopped pacing.

     "Getting something to eat?" He said unsurely.

     "How did I see that coming?" I rolled my eyes and he smiled at me.

     "Harry's right. You do look cute when you roll your eyes." He grinned at me and walked into the kitchen, leaving me a little lost for words. I followed Niall into the kitchen and got out the peanut butter cheerie-o box and pored myself a bowl. I took out a spoon and laughed a little, thinking of Liam's fear. A spoon. Not exactly scary. I dug into my cheerie-o's and sat at the table as Niall raided my refridgerator. He grabbed a yogourt and sat across from me, both of us eating quickly. I laughed a little bit.

     "Whats so funny?" Niall asked me, looking up from his yogourt.

     "We are eating really discustingly. We look slob-ish." I rolled my eyes, without thinking. 'Oops.' I thougt. What ever, he wasnt going to kiss me for that, like Harry would.

     "Noo. If we were eating like slobs, we would look like..." He picked up his spoon and flung some yogourt onto my t-shirt. "That!" He laughed.

     "Niall!" I yelled, throwing a handful of cheerie-o's at him. Pretty soon, it was a giant food fight and we were laughing our asses off. I squirted some ketchup onto him and ran into the hallway, laughing. He followed me out with a bottle whipped cream in his hand I squealed and ran into the living room, but he caught me. He forced me to the floor, straddling me.

     "Surrender!" He yelled dramatically, pointing the whipped cream at my face.

     "Never!" I said, grabbing his neck and pulling him down. I faked like I was going to kiss him and instead grabbed the whipped cream from his hand, pulling back and pointing it at him.

     "Hey!" He said, crossing his arms and pouting. "That was unfair!" He protested.

     "All is fair in love and food fights." I giggled at him.

     "So its fair if I do this?" He asked, leaning over me and kissing me, gently and then pulling away.

     "Yes, and its fair if I do this!" I laughed, squirting him in the face. He fell backwards, laughing and I crawled on top of him.

     "Your turn to surrender, Niall." I said in the same dramatic tone as he had said to me, as I pointed the whipped cream in his face.

     "Im ready." Niall said, opening his mouth. I laughed and squirted a bunch of whipped cream into his mouth.

     "I win." I declared, getting off of him.

     "A gafe oo!" Niall said, with whipped cream in his mouth.

     "I cant understand you with all that whipped cream in your mouth, Niall, but you have to help me clean up." I laughed and Niall swollowed the whipped cream.

     "I said, I hate you." Niall laughed.

     "Oh, thanks! Love you too Niall!" I fake pouted and started to clean up and he helped me.

     "I'm just kidding! I do love you." He pecked my lips and I blushed and concentrated on my cleaning. I couldnt like Niall too, but he was so sweet and cute and fun and... Im getting carried away. I need to stop. After about an hour, we finished cleaning and I changed my clothes (a red cami, skinny jeans, a leather jacket, heels, and a necklace) ( and walked to Niall's flat with him so he could change his. Luckily, all food avoided my hair. Niall is a lucky boy. Maybe its the Irish luck in him. Niall came back out, looking fresh.

     "Im surprised you would throw food around. I thought you would just eat it all!" I teased him, giggling.

     "I thought about it." He laughed.

     "I bet you did, little leprechaun." I giggled.

     "Hey! Thats offensive!" He fake pouted.

     "No its not! Leprechauns are my favorite!" I said, truthfully. Ive always wanted to meet a leprechaun...

     "Fine. If you say so!" He laughed and sat on his couch. The couch was small and I wanted to spread out really bad, so I just decided that I would push Niall off. I laughed when he hit the floor and spread out my legs.

     "I needed space." I said, laughing.

     "I need to sit on the couch!" Niall whined and sat on my legs.

     "Niall!" I whined.

     "Fine, lets compromise." He lifted up my legs and put them on his lap as he sat back down.

     "Fine. Im going to take a nap. Im all tired out from Harry waking me up at the crack of dawn." I said, grabbing a hat that was on the coffee table and putting it over my eyes.

      "Have fun with your nap." Niall said, sarcastically and I laughed. I closed my eyes and fell asleep a few minutes later, as Niall watched TV.

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