Love Me Or Not? - A One Direction Fan Fiction♥

Hello Lovely People :)

This is a One Direction Fan Fiction about a girl named Alex. It is my first Fan Fiction and I hope it will be good! Please, Please, leave comments and please give your honest oppinion! :) The first couple of chapters may be a bit boring but, trust me, it gets a lot better!

Sometimes things are better left a mystery(:


28. Disaster On Ice--- Alex

     "We should all go ice skating!" Louis said.

     "Louis, its in the middle of the summer." I said.

     "There's always indoor rinks." Liam suggested.

     "Good point, Liam." Niall agreed.

     "So, ice skating?" Zayn asked.

     "Yup!" We all answered.

     "I have to get changed!" I remembered.

     "To Alex's flat!" Harry said and we all walked outside to the van. The car ride was pretty quiet, a few random giggles here and there. Finally, I ran into my flat and then into my room, locking the door. I got a gray, knitted jumper, a light pink scarf, skinny jeans, gray boots, black gloves, and a warm hat. ( I walked out and Harry checked me out. Its so annoying when he does that. I stopped myself from rolling my eyes at him, instead sticking my tongue out at him.

     "I think we should all buy disposibale cameras and take a bunch of pictures so we can remember our last days together!" Liam suggested.

     "Liam, thats a great idea!" I smiled at him.

     "We can stop on the way there!" Niall said, standing up with the rest of the boys.

     "Alright, lets go then!" I smiled, walking towards the door.

     "You look lovely, by the way." Harry said to me, wrapping his arm around my waist and causing my cheeks to turn pink.

     "Thanks, Harry. Im glad yo think so." I said, deciding to make my last days with Harry worth-while.

     "Well that was unexpected." Harry looked at me, as if making sure I was the right person.

     "Just shut up and enjoy it." I laughed, stepping into the car.

     "Im not going to argue with that." Harry smiled and got in behind me.

     "Awwww! You guys are SO cute!" Louis said, pinching Harry's cheek.

     "Shut up, Lou!" I blushed, as the car started.

     "Just saying!" Louis giggled.

     "Lou, just leave the two love-birds alone!" Zayn cooed.

     "Zayn!" I squealed.

     "Sorry!" Zayn giggled.

     "Its ok, babe." Harry winked and kissed my cheek, while I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms. "Youre still cute when you do that." Harry winked.

     "Im only going to put up with so much!" I laughed at him.

     "Damn." He sighed.

     "Aw! Hazza! Dont be sad!" Louis pouted.

     "Im sorry, Boobear!" Harry pouted back at him.

     "Aw! Larry moment!" Niall laughed.

     "Aww!" The rest of us chimed in, leaving Lou and Harry to pout.

     "Oh shush!" Louis scolded us. We finally got there, after stopping for cameras. It was really nice and we managed to get inside without being noticed. We rented our skates and were nervous to get onto the ice. We stepped onto the ice, luckily it wasnt crowded.

     "Dont let me fall!" Niall yelled, grabbing my hand as we drifted forward.

     "Niall! We are both going to fall!" I screamed, drawing a bit of attention from the other skaters. I screamed as I fell on my butt.

     "Noo!" Niall yelled, as I pulled him down with me. We both ended up sitting on the ice, laughing.

     "Help me up!" I yelled to Louis, who skated over, shakily and then snapped a picture of Niall and I on the ice.

     "Dont you dare pull me down." Louis said, helping Niall and I up.

     "I wont, Lou. Thanks!" I laughed, accidently drifting away. "Help!" I yelled, as I drifted away from them. I wish I knew how to skate.

     "Alex!" Harry yelled as I crashed into him, sending us both down.

     "I cannot skate to save my life!" I groaned.

     "I wish I could help, but Im not good either. At least I can stay on my feet!" Harry teased.

     "Not on my watch you wont!" I joked, elbowing him as Liam and Zayn came over to help us, Zayn taking pictures and smiling. After we got up, Liam helped me skate.

     "There! Now you can actually skate." Liam smiled.

     "Thanks, Liam!" I smiled, skating. I was pretty shaky, but at least I could control where I was going.

     "Just try not to crash!" He yelled after me as I skated away.

     "Alex!" Niall called and waved to me. I turned, shakily, and skated towards him.

     "I can sakte! Kind of!" I smiled.

     "I cant!" He giggled, almost loosing his balance.

     "Here!" I smiled, helping him regain his balance. "Take a picture with me!" I grabbed my camera and snapped a picture of me and Niall smiling.

     "Help me sakte!" Niall pouted.

     "Just watch me!" I rolled my eyes at him, grabbing his hand and skating, Niall following shakily.

     "Im going to fall!" He yelled.

     "No you arent!" I pulled him, making him regain his balance again.

     "Thanks." He laughed.

     "You owe me Nialler." I stuck my tongue out at him.

     "I know!" He rolled his eyes and I took a random picture of him.

     "Hey Alex!" Zayn called to me.

     "Im going to go see what Zayn wants. Dont fall!" I laughed, leaving Niall to skate on his own.

     "I want a picture with you! I havent gotten one yet!" Zayn complained to me.

     "Ok. Smile!" I said, as we both held our cameras up and took pictures.

     "Excuse me!" A girl with dark brown hair skated up to us. "Are you Zayn from One Direction?" She smiled.

     "Yes, thats me." Zayn smiled politely.

     "Oh my god! I am a massive fan! Can I get a picture?" She asked. I left Zayn with the girl, winking at him as I left, which earned me an eyeroll.

     "HEY!" Louis said, skating up to me.

     "Hi Lou!" I smiled, we both got our cameras and took pictures. "I need a picture with Liam!" I said, hugging him and then skating away to Liam. "Lee-Lee! Watch out theres a spoon!" I teased.

     "Thats not funny!" Liam pouted.

     "Sorry! Can I have a picture anyway?" I gave him puppy eyes and we both made goofy faces at the cameras.

     "Look out its Harry!" Liam said, pointing. I whipped my head around and didnt see Harry.

     "Liam!" I laughed.

     "Payback!" He smiled.

     "What ever Liam!" I rolled my eyes at him, trying not to smile.

     "Speaking of Harry, you should probably find him. He is your boyfriend you know!" Liam teased.

     "Damn it, I forgot." I said truthfully. We were in public, after all. I waved to Liam and skated away to find Harry. I spooted him and skated towards him. "Harry!" I yelled, almost causing him to fall.

     "Alex!" Harry smiled when he saw me and skated my way. "I was looking for you." He smiled and pecked my lips, taking my hand.

     "Well you found me!" I smiled, starting to skate again.

     "Do you want to get some hot chocolate?" Harry asked.

     "Sure, Im getting a bit cold." I said, as we both skated to the door. We got off of the ice and went to the snack bar. We ordered two hot chocolates and sat on a bench, sipping our drinks.

     "I dont want you to leave." Harry said, randomly.

     "I dont want to leave. Kind of." I added, truthfully.

     "We are going to have to fake break up." Harry whispered in my ear.

     "I know." I sighed, hugging him.

     "I thought you'd be more happy about that." Harry laughed.

     "I am a confusing person, Harry. I have a lot of mixed feelings." I laughed.

     "I wish you had feelings for me." Harry sighed and I looked at him.

     "I do. I just cant date you." I tried to explain.

     "Why cant you, if you like me?" Harry asked.

     "Because I am leaving in a week and I have feelings for Niall as well.." I said.

     "But Niall cant love you like I can." Harry protested.

     "Youre right. He would love me in an entirely different way. Both of those ways are good, Harry. Im leaving in a week anyway, so there isnt much time to think about these things and I cannot have a long distance relationship. I need somebody who will be with me." I said.

     "Girls make everything complicated!" Harry groaned.

     "Guys are worse. You could have literally any girl in the world. You could have a model, but still you choose the girl with barely any money and who refuses to date you." I shook my head at him.

     "I chose you because you are the most beautiful, real, and amazing girl I have ever met. You're different and you're a challenge. I dont want somebody who will just fall for me because Im famous or Im good looking. But, at this point Im kind of wishing you would." He laughed. "I want something real." He finished, with me staring at him. Every once in awhile, Harry can say something really deep and meaningful.

     "Im sorry." I said, not knowing what else to say.

     "Its not your fault." Harry told me.

     "Well. Lets make these last days special." I said, throwing my empty cup away and grabbing Harry's hand.

     "Sounds good." Harry smiled, throwing his cup away as well. We walked back onto the ice and skated, gathering up the rest of the boys to skate with us.


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