Love Me Or Not? - A One Direction Fan Fiction♥

Hello Lovely People :)

This is a One Direction Fan Fiction about a girl named Alex. It is my first Fan Fiction and I hope it will be good! Please, Please, leave comments and please give your honest oppinion! :) The first couple of chapters may be a bit boring but, trust me, it gets a lot better!

Sometimes things are better left a mystery(:


22. Breakfast For Six--- Alex

     I woke up the next morning with two arms around me. I looked to see Zayn and Harry. Apparently they like to cuddle. I smiled and laughed quietly, trying to get out of their grip. All of a sudden, Harry's grip tightened and pulled me back down into his chest. He opened one green eye and smiled.

     "Good morning, love." He opened his other eye.

     "Morning." I said. "Im surprised you didnt fall off the bed, curly." I giggled.

     "Well if I did, then you wouldve came with me." He laughed.

     "Not if I was the one who pushed you off!" I laughed and pushed Harry off the edge of the bed, but before he fell he grabbed me and pulled me down with him, I let out a little shreik as I fell and landed on top of Harry.

     "I cannot believe you pushed me off of your bed." Harry said in a fake surprised tone.

     "Better get used to it if you're going to force me to let you stay again." I giggled.

     "So I can stay more often?" Harry smiled.

     "No, I said you are going to force me to let you stay, because you can't take no for an answer." I rolled my eyes. Harry smiled and pulled my head down and kissed me. I kissed back, a bit surprised. We parted and Harry smiled even bigger.

     "You're right. I dont take no for an answer much. And I still think you're adorable when you roll your eyes." He winked.

     "I hate you." I laughed, rolling off of Harry, but he rolled on top of me. "Harry. What are you doing?" I raised an eyebrow at him. He smirked.

     "Do you still hate me?" He asked.

     "Yeah. Pretty much." I laughed.

     "You are going to regret that." He winked and kissed me again, passionately. I couldnt pull away, because he was on top of me so I just kissed back.

     "OH MY GOD GUYS THEYRE FUCKING ON THE FLOOR!" I heard Louis scream. Harry didnt pull away and I tried to push him off of me. He just smiled into the kiss and laughed a little bit. After a second or two, he pulled away and I looked up to see all the boys looking down at us wide-eyed.

     "We were not fucking." I declared.

     "You wish we were." Harry giggled, still on top of me.

     "I do not." I rolled my eyes and Harry bit his lip.

     "Dear lord. Do not roll your eyes. Its too sexy." Harry said.

     "Harry!" I scolded him and the boys giggled.

     "Theyre adorable!" Zayn cooed.

     "We are not! We arent even dating for real!" I protested.

     "That doesnt mean we cant think you two are cute together!" Louis argued, laughing.

     "Whatever Lou. You guys are crazy." I rolled my eyes at them, not thinking.

     "Alex!" Harry scolded and leaned down and kissed me again, which made the boys laugh even harder.

     "Harry!" I scolded back, pushing him off of me.

     "But its sooo cute when you roll your eyes!" Harry whined.

     "Well that doesnt mean you have to kiss me every time I do!" I argued.

     "I cant help myself. You're addicting." Harry winked and I blushed.

     "Then find somebody else to kiss!" I scolded as the boys laughed at us.

     "I dont want somebody else." He said, sitting up (still on top of me) and crossing his arms.

     "Kiss Lou!" I suggested, crossing my arms as well.

     "Come here Haz!" Louis said, reaching out for Harry.

     "Boobear!" Harry said, getting off of me and running to Louis, who gave him a kiss on the lips.

     "Thank you!" I said, annoyed.

     "How dont you want more of that?" Louis asked, motioning to Harry who had on a pouty face. I laughed at Harrys face.

     "I never said I didnt want him. I just cant have him." I explained.

     "Whyy?!" Harry whined.

     "Because I dont want to like you and I have to go back to America in a month." I said.

     "Ugh!" Harry pouted and I laughed, standing up.

     "Who wants breakfast?" I asked the giggling boys.

     "ME!" Niall screamed and I flinched.

     "You're lucky I dont need my ear drums to cook." I rolled my eyes, again not thinking. What can I say? Its a habbit! Harry groaned.

     "She is so sexy!" Harry whined to Louis.

     "Its ok Hazza." Louis said, petting Harry's curls.

     "So, besides Niall, who wants breakfast?" I looked around at the boys who all raised their hands. I shook my head and walked out to the kitchen. I began to cook bacon, scrambled eggs, and waffles.

     "Breakfast!" I yelled, putting everything on plates.

     "YES!" I heard Niall scream and I watched him run out, the rest of the boys walking behind him.

     "Thank you!" They all said together, crushing me in a group hug.

     "Just eat your god damn breakfast!" I yelled and they all laughed, sitting at the table. I sat down as well and we all ate. We laughed at Niall, who scarfed down his food in about three seconds. Finally we finished and I took all the plates.

     "Lets play truth or dare!" Louis giggled.

     "Lets not!" I said.

     "Aw, c'mon Alex!" Zayn pleaded.

     "No, that is the worst game ever!" I whined.

     "Please?!" Zayn begged.

     "No, last time I played that it was all kissing and I am not kissing anybody!" I argued.

     "Fine!" They all sighed.

     "So, what do you guys want to do today?" I asked.

     "We have to record today." Liam said.

     "Finally!" I accidently said out loud. "Sorry guys. Harry is driving me crazy, I need a break sometimes." I laughed at their fake hurt expressions.

     "Crazy with love!" Liam laughed.

     "Liam. Dont ever say that again." I said, holding up a spoon.

     "You wouldnt!" Liam narrowed his eyes at me.

     "Do you even know me Liam? I definately would." I narrowed my eyes back at him, trying to supress a smile.

     "You are evil." Liam said, making me laugh.

     "Dont worry Liam! I wouldnt do that to you! Maybe to Harry or Louis, though." I laughed.

     "Hey!" Louis and Harry said at the same time.

     "Sorry guys!" I shrugged putting the spoon back.

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