One Direction Imagines

I am going to try imagines for a change. Plz comment and if you like tell me your fave guy and name and I will try to make one for u. I might no be very good at first but I will try to improve as I go on. Thx!


10. Zayn for Phobe

Zayn is in the bathroom perfecting his hair before you leave to the mall and he looks up as you walk by and holds up some hairspray. "Help please?"  He asks. You sigh and sprtiz some onto the back of his head. You quickly grab the bottle from where you put it on the counter and run out of the bathroom. You lock it in the clost and Zayn runs around looking for it while you say things like "Wonder whats in the closet?..." He doesn't find it and makes you by one even when you gave it back to him.

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