Scream if you can

Let's see how loud you can scream... OPEN WIDE! Scream if you can is a story about an old hag called Arabella and how she has different pland for the future. She plans to take over the queen's roll and rule the world! Although not in a good way...


1. If you should meet a hag...

Can you scream? Really? I don't believe you. I cant, so you definately cant. I'm Arabella. I'm incharge of you. Your'e trying to get away from me, little one! I know you are! I can see you sweating! Come closer, dear, for we have secrets. We can make a lizard shrivell up right before your eyes. We have wizadry in the tips of our fingers, you see. I could simply make the door lock right now! You just see. When you turn and run, I'll lock it and you wont be able to get out! Are you scared child, scared of the old hag?

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