A Mothers NightmareChapter1

This is a true story. I didn't use names. It all started on a cold winter's day. When it happened it tore a family apart. So much pain, suffering, and misery.


1. A Mother Nightmare Chapter 1

When a mother has a child. She is happy. She cries tears of joy. That is life.


A young mother so full of life and love. Had six beautiful children. The love of her life. But everyone put her down. Said she was to young to raise that many children by herself.


They was not there to see the "love" she had for them. They was well fed. Had plenty of clothes and toys. She took them out and played with them. Her mother was living with her to help with the children and house.


There was so much "love" and "laughter". Plenty of "hugs" and "kisses". Each child had  the same amount  of love from "mother and grandmother".


The two older children were in school. Doing good. Had good manners. Was taught to say please, thank you, yes sir, no sir, yes mam, and no mam.  They were kept clean.


But one night when all went to bed. The two oldest girls for some "reason" did not want to go to sleep. Not in their rooms. They finally did.


When they got up in the morning. Grandmother got two oldest children ready for school. Mother  got everything ready to get other children up, so they could eat, have their baths, and get dressed.


When grandmother got back from the school. Mother went to get other children up and then went to bedroom to get baby girl up. Who was a twin. "all at once the mother started screaming". Came in the room and said  "mom mom" the baby is dead. Her mother thought she was wrong, so she went to check. She got to the crib. She jbew her daughter was right. She didn't wake up trying to talk like she does. The grandmother knew. She ran from the house "screaming".



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