Glimmer and Marvel (THG Fan fiction)

This wasn't planned, it just happened on Omegle and I thought you Panemaniacs would like to see it ;')


1. The Omegle Story :P

Stranger: Glimmer sighs heavily and climbs to her best friend, Marvel's window. Her house had just recently caught on fire, and this was her last choice. So she had walked to Marvel's house in the freezing cold snow in her pajamas. She shivered slightly and knocked on his window, not wanting to use the door and wake up his siblings. After receiving no response she opened the window and laughed slightly, at the fact one day someone could break in. She approached him quietly and gently shook his shoulder "Marv..?" She whispered. Marvel stirred slightly and buried further into his covers, not wanting to be awoken. ((You're Glimmer.))

You: Glimmer then clambered under the covers with him andcuddled close..?

Stranger: Marvel frowned "Glimmer it's three in the morning." He muttered

You: Glimmer whispered, as to not awaken the house, "My house was set on fire and I came to you"

Stranger: "Okay fine.. that's a valid excuse." He laughed slightly

You: Giggling lightly,Glimmer replied "an excuse to be with you"

Stranger: "An excuse to wake me up at three in the morning."

You: "I'm sorry, I had no other choice"

Stranger: "It's fine." He shrugs

You: "Good." And with that, Glimmer snuggled down under the covers and fell fast asleep.

Stranger: "Oh yeah it's fine, just take over my bed." He mutters shutting his eyes

You: That night Glimmer dreamed of the Hunger Games and how she felt when her entire family got reaped and they all died horrible deaths...
Glimmer woke with a start.

Stranger: He carried on sleeping peacefully

You: Carefully, Glimmer eased herself out of bed and tip-toed up to the window. She peered into the inky blue sky with the ghostly white moon dancing on the rippling pond and sighed heavily.

Stranger: Marvel muttered something and slowly woke up glancing at Glimmer

You: Glimmer didn't notice Marvel and continued to gaze into the starry sky, thinking of her dream and if it could actually become reality.

Stranger: He sat up "Bad dream?"

You: Glimmer gasped and fell off the windowsill.
"Yes..." She whispered shakily. "A bad dream."

Stranger: "Fall off the window then." He laughed slightly "What was it about?"

You: "My family..."

Stranger: "What about them?"

You: Glimmer struggled to her feet.
"They all got reaped and died in horrible ways."

Stranger: "Oh I doubt that happen." He said "Sorry was I suppose to help you up?"

You: "'s ok." Glimmer flicked her damp hair out of her face.
"What time is it?"

Stranger: "Like six or something." He shrugs

You: "Oh..." She replied.
Tears fell from her eyes and splattered on the wooden floorboards.

Stranger: "Oh no don't cry." He stood up and walked over to her

You: Glimmer wiped her eyes with the back of her hand.
"I'm fine, I just.." She shivered. "I just hate those kind of dreams."

Stranger: "I know, it's not true though." He says "Now just go back to sleep, your dreams won't be as bad this time."

You: "O-ok."
Glimmer wriggled under the bed covers, breathing heavily and slowly fell asleep, once again.

Stranger: He layed down next to her and fell asleep

You: Glimmer dreamt of a meadow, bursting with flowers andbutterflies, of every colour and pattern imaginable.

Stranger: He carried on sleeping peacefully, having a dreamless sleep.

You: Glimmer awakened to patches of sunlight splattered on Marvel's bedroom wall.
She rubbed her eyes and propped herself up on one elbow.

Stranger: He carried on sleeping not realizing it's morning

You: Glimmer scraped her blonde locks back into a ponytail and fastening it with a piece of old string.
She clambered out of bed and went to sit on the windowsill, where she star-gazed the night before.

Stranger: He soon woke up and sighed slightly wanting to go back to sleep. He then got up out of bed and walked downstairs, forgetting Glimmer was in his room

You: Glimmer turned around only to realize Marvel wasn't in the room.

Stranger: He sat on the kitchen table finding none of his family were not yet awake and made himself breakfast

You: Confused, Glimmer stumbled down the stairs, forgetting that Marvel's family didn't know she was there and burst into the kitchen, where Marvel stood, cooking breakfast.

Stranger: "Quiet down, my family are still asleep." He turned around and nodded at her

You: "Sorry.." She whispering, slipping into a chair.

Stranger: "It's okay. I suppose you'll want some breakfast?"

You: Glimmer nodded her head.

You: (Be back soon, doing dishwashe)

Stranger: He nods and passes her a plate with breakfast on it "I tried hard not to burn it." He laughed slightly

You: Smilng gratefully, Glimmer chopped up a sausage and popped a piece into her mouth, trying not to look outrageously hungry, even though she really was.

Stranger: "Thanks Marvel. Your welcome." He said sarcastically laughing slightly

You: "Sorry, I'm just so hungry. Thanks...Marvel." Glimmer grinned.

Stranger: "Haven't eaten much then?"

You: "No...haven't...had...time." Said Glimmer between mouthfuls of oilly sausage and soft bread.

Stranger: He nods "No time to eat? Never heard of that."

You: "It's kind of personal.."

Stranger: "Probably." He laughed slightly

You: "Ha." Glimmer paused. "It doesn't matter... I wonder how my mum is."

Stranger: "She's probably fine." He shrugged and put a glass on the table "I suppose you'd want a drink."

You: "Yes...please."

Stranger: "We have orange juice and water."

You: "Juice..please."

Stranger: He nods and gets a carton out the fridge pouring it in the glass


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