Messed Up Truths

Life never really turns out the way you expect it to. But when your 29, dumped, sacked and living with your parents...your just doomed.

Follow my story as I share with you the highs and lows of being a 29yr old girl going crazy...desperate not to reach the big...I can't even say it without shedding a tear (3 0)!!


10. The handsome stranger

                Things had calmed down for all of us. I began temping for while, still searching for something more permanent with career progression but I did also take into Kim’s bakery suggestion into consideration. Why work for someone else doing something I didn’t enjoy when I could be the boss doing something I love...easier said than done I guess . As for Kim and Rick, they were back on track, or as it seemed to the outside world.

                Jana, Moby and I decided to celebrate Christmas with Kim and Rick. Kim had cooked the entire lunch on her own.  It was a stress free lunch, followed by the only drama I could deal with, our favourite soaps. Dinner I’d have to sit with my parents, around my dad’s arm chair and listen to my mother talk about the latest goings on at the bank queue (Her favourite place)

                After lunch, I decided to brave the freezing cold and pick up the rest of the gifts, I’d left behind, from my boot. I walked out of door, huddling my thick wool jacket as the cold breeze almost froze me. I stumbled across the path when suddenly I heard this loud bang. Ahead I could see a car jammed in the back of my poor car!

“What the hell!” I cried, running towards the culprit.

                A guy hopped, out of his car, banging his hands against his head. 

“I’m so sorry,” He hissed.

“Sorry! Damn animal! You’ve broken my bumper!”

“I’ll pay for it...I’m so sorry.” He howled, with hesitation.

“Well I’m going to have to take you’re details down, you’ll have to come in with me.”

“Where?” He asked in a shaken voice.

“Inside so I can grab a pen, I’m not leaving you out here, the moment my back is turned you’ll probably speed off.”

“I can’t so inside.” He whimpered.

“Why? It’s just my friends inside.” I

“No, look I won’t drive off.”

                I paused for a second. Nope I couldn’t trust this even though he was insanely beautiful with the most incredible green eyes. With my luck cute guys always seemed to do a runner.

“Look use my phone to text my details, take down my number plate too, I’ll pay I promise.”

                He gave me his phone. I took down his number plate, name Ben Rabeel and text it to myself. It dawned on me I was in possession of this really enticing guy’s number without having to go though that awkward moment of having to ask for it.

                I floated back into the house, I think I must have been grinning from ear to ear because the others sensed something was wrong with me. Did I mention my broken bumper...NO! I went straight to that part about falling in love with the tall dark and extremely handsome guy who’d just bumped my heart! Ok that last bit makes no sense but I was in loopy land right now!

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