Messed Up Truths

Life never really turns out the way you expect it to. But when your 29, dumped, sacked and living with your parents...your just doomed.

Follow my story as I share with you the highs and lows of being a 29yr old girl going crazy...desperate not to reach the big...I can't even say it without shedding a tear (3 0)!!


4. The apology

Kim had finished work early, she’d been recently spending less hours in the office during the week and more over the weekend, she was working on this new demanding case. I wouldn’t say Kim loved her job but she didn’t hate it either, it was her bread and butter, the next step after university.

                It was her job that was paying for her designer handbags and clothes; she had a weak spot for designer labels. Rick never stopped Kim from anything; the dynamics in their relationship was she wore the trousers. Anything she wanted she got.

                It was only two months away from Kim’s 30th birthday, rick turned thirty, four months prior, he was excited by Kim’s milestone. The moment she hit the big 3 0 they’d start the baby making process. He’d truthfully wanted babies a lot earlier but Kim wasn’t too keen and as I’ve mentioned its Kim’s way or the high way.

                I received a surprise call from Kim asking to meet up with her, yes that was a surprise, recently I’d become out of touch with her. In all honesty I thought it was because she was looking down on me, and that I wasn’t good enough for her.

                I met up with her at our usual coffee joint. Kim had arrived early and was waiting for me with our coffees. I have been ordering the same drink for the last year, so I guess she knew something about me.

“How have you been?” Kim asked rather formally, I felt I was being interviewed all over again.

“Fine you?” I asked in a perplexed manner.

“How’s the job hunting going,” Kim placed her hand over mine, “I’m asking that from a good place, I’m so sorry if I came across rude the other day...I’ve just...I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok, and the job hunting is tough. But I guess I need a job so I just keep at it.”

“Yeah just keep trying, you’ll find something good soon. I see good things for you!” She smiled.

“How‘s Rick, I haven’t spoken to him for a while.”

                Kim paused, facing down at her coffee, “He’s good. I was thinking, isn’t there another hobby you have?”


“Yeah, I mean whilst you’re searching for work do something that interests you. I believe everything happens for a reason, and the reason you were dismissed, it’s because this is the time for you to focus on something that you’ve always wanted to do.”

“Kim I’m confused what are you talking about?”

“Make cupcakes!”


“You need to making cupcakes, you’ve always loved to bake. You were so good at it at school, focus on that.”

                I pondered for a few short seconds, “I’ll think about it.”

“Don’t think, just do! You have so much a head you, you’ve can do whatever you want, nobody is holding you back! Write, go travelling, find a man you really like and don’t settle.”

“Are you ok Kim?”

                Kim gave me a blank look but within moments tears streamed down her rose tinted cheeks.

“What’s wrong?”

                She grabbed a tissue, wiping away her runny nose, “Nothing.” She quietly mumbled.

                Nothing could possibly be wrong. For the eighteen years I knew Kim I’d never seen her so down. I swear she’s always been feisty, almost Ms Perfect. She was the one friend Jana and I’d avoid unleashing our problems to, because she’d just judge us, as nothing has ever gone wrong in her life.

                I remember this one time at school Jana and I both took a book each from the library. There was no librarian on duty so we just walked out with it. They next day we both giggled about whilst telling Kim, we joked how we’d set up our own library in our homes. Kim was furious; she said Jesus would punish us! Two weeks later I bumped my nose on one of the swings, forcing it to bleed heavily and Jana fractured her shoulder (although that did happen six months later) None the less Kim did remind us these were our punishments...we weren’t sure who we were more scared of Jesus or Kim!

“Ok Kim we’ve been friends for so long you can tell me anything.”

“I want to but...”

“Is it Rick?”

“” She nodded her head.

“So what is”

                Kim paused again, she hesitated. “No!”

“Then what is it?”

                Kim stared at me, then suddenly leapt out of her chair and stormed off. She didn’t even say goodbye.

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