In The Forest Chapter 2

Things that can happen in a forest that are very bad. Watch out are you may get caught by a big or small creature.


1. In The Forest Chapter 2

I woke up to another day. With this creature staring at me.  Like it was  smiling. With the "big eye" of colors.


It make me sick to my stomach. Just to look at it. I could still here screaming. Still don't know where it is coming from. I feel weak just thinking about what is going to happen to me.


I'm scared but try not to show it. Not knowing what is in store for me. My very soul is lost it seems. As I sit there thinking..........


I felt the wing on my shoulder. It made me shudder.   "All of a sudden" it picked me up. I thought "oh no" this is not real. I am alone. It started to fly. I asked where are we going? You will see came the reply.


So on we went. I could hear the screaming . It was getting louder. I was ready to jump out of my skin. It seemed like  it took forever to get there. I wish something would have happened. So we didn't get here.


But all of a sudden. I could feel us getting lower. When we hit the ground. My life was over. You will never know how bad things were.


I still don't know how I stood will find out........... 

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