Life as a 5th Grader

I am in the 5th grade I am also sucked in the mistakes they always point it to me. There are always a lot of trouble in school and everytime I go home I think what if I restarted my life. If you want to know the whole story please read my movella!


1. Start of School?!

Hi! My name is Rochelle but my friends call me Rochy. My 5th grade time is so tiring friend problems, projects,exams and more so this story starts at school 7:30am..... " So all of you I'm going to pick Danica to be in charge cause I'm going to get the new record book" my teacher said. Uguh! Danica is our class president from 3rd grade to this grade."There goes miss president" Paolo said. Paolo is an athletic boy and he had a crush on me last 4th grade I hated him since. " Shut up Paolo trying to read here!" I shouted he is so annoying. "Theophany!" I shouted. Theophany is my best friend. "Hey I got something for ya!" Theophany said. Then she gave me a bag shoulder bag it was native. I hugged her so tight then I also took out a bag that has her name printed on it. " Thanks bestie but this doesn't feel the same that you gave me the best gift and I gave you a regular gift" Theophany said " No this is the best gift ever cause my best friend gave it to me" I replied " Enough chit  chat Theophany sit down" Danica said " Just nevermind them they haven't seen each other for 3 months " Carlo said. Carlo is our class clown he has feelings and he expresses them through words. " Fine! But only for 5 minutes" Danica replied " Thanks Carl" I replied then we only talked for 5 minutes but it was worth it. After class we went to the bench and talked about our vacation and I listened to Justin Bieber songs. I never talk that I am a Belieber cause some of my classmates hate him. So I just kept it beetween me and Theophany. When I went home I signed in Facebook and had a shoutout saying " School is sooooooooooo BORING!" and it had 17 likes and 4 comments my mom bought me a new bag it was so shiny hope my friends like it :)


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