Life as a 5th Grader

I am in the 5th grade I am also sucked in the mistakes they always point it to me. There are always a lot of trouble in school and everytime I go home I think what if I restarted my life. If you want to know the whole story please read my movella!


3. Problems

The following day I was early so I kinda doodled on my notebook. I wandered what would I do if my friends were here. Then our teacher went in and said " Rochelle the others are on the bus hurry up!" Then she pulled me there was only 2 school buses used but were 34 pupils in grade 5 and I was stuck with Paolo and we rode a taxi he is so annoying then when Perfect Two played on the radio he started singing I was ignoring him cause I was reading my book. Then he grabbed me and he leaned close to me and kissed me! Then I heard a voice saying " WAKE UP SLEEPYHEAD!" Then I saw myself on my bed. Good it was a stupid dream. At school I had a seatwork I got 4 over 10 so I didn't pass that's worse. At recess I told Julie and Theophany about my dream and they said " Whoa! What if the saying is true" Theophany said " What saying" I asked " If you dream of someone they think of you" Julie said " No way that's impossible! Paolo likes Bea not me " I said. Bea is a friend of mine we always talk and she has all the news about One Direction and like in our group she helps me make fan-fics. " Maybe it's possible" Julie said " No way!" I shouted " Yeah Rochy's right he does like Bea'' Theophany said " But he had a crush on you last 4th grade" Julie said " Hey that is a good reason" Theophany said " Well that's a problem if Paolo likes you and that's a yes or no" Julie said. And they stood up and pulled me up cause they want to buy their snacks " Nevermind him ever!" I whispered to myself " Hey Roch do you have a five?"Paolo asked " No I don't have any'' I replied. I said to myself " Ugh! He is so stupid" "Rochy let's go and here a chocolate bar just to keep your mind off of it" Julie said I took the chocolate bar and walked to the classroom I sat directly to my seat Bea approched me and said " You don't look energetic lately every morning you talk with others now your sitting doing nothing usually you do this but you read a book". I told her my dream. Her reaction was worse . " What the hell! That's so romantic" She shouted " What your happy for this?" I asked " No but it is romantic " She replied. I pulled out the chocolate bar and took the biggest bite " You feel better already?" Bea asked " You always feel better when you eat food" She added " I do feel better but thanks for asking" I said. Then our next subject teacher came into the room and my classmates came running to their seats. When our teacher explained all about Algebra only about not how to solve Algebra. We had a seatwork and I was afraid that if I ask our teacher she'll be angry so I got only 8 over 20  we got a punishment that we will do an intermisson the worst punishment ever I just sang........... 'What Makes You Beautiful' I just did the chourus cause I don't know the song I just heard it on my friend's phone cause it was summer camp and we went together. Our teacher was impressed. The whole school hours my score in seatworks keeps getting lower. When it was after school I had a lot of problems scores in seatworks that's gonna be included in the final  grades. " Ahh! my shoe Paolo!!!!!!" I shouted. Paolo took my shoe when I went to the bench then he took my shoe " Ok here Cinderella hahaha!" Paolo shouted. Then he threw the shoe near me. " What did I just see" Theophany asked " Nothing just me running" I answered " Well your grandfather's car is there" Theophany said " Thanks for telling me" I said. When I got home did my homework super early and watched t.v. After that I went to sleep hope that I don't dream about Paolo again.

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