Life as a 5th Grader

I am in the 5th grade I am also sucked in the mistakes they always point it to me. There are always a lot of trouble in school and everytime I go home I think what if I restarted my life. If you want to know the whole story please read my movella!


6. Practical

It's our second grading and we have a practical for our P.E and a cheerdance!!!??? REALLY?!!? I'd rather go on a mountain hike than this. Or memorize a poem a 5 stanza poem than this. So we are going to stink our cheer is a bore and we don't have a dance yet! What a disaster!!!!!!!! But everything changed when we practiced at the church's parking lot....... I went early I only saw 2 of my friends Juile and Viktoria. Viktoria likes to be called Vicky  she is a good friend like Shrine.And after that I sat on a rock and used my mom's iPhone and played ' More Than This' and then Bea arrived ' Thank you  no more boredom!' I said to myself then I showed her the 'Live While We're Young' by One Direction music video cause I was the first to see the video in the 5th grade. She liked the Zorb Balls(We call it zorb balls here)she laughed at the part where Louie pushed Liam to the lake she laughed so hard then we saw Adrian then I said " Are you here to insult us again" He replied " They are gay!" I looked at him angrily " Joke the're cool" He added then Adonis came. Adonis is one of my mom's favorite boys he says he wants to be a priest and he is saying sometimes bad words. Then Chery came. Then the only one we waited for was Shrine so we decided to play 'Hide-and-Seek' so I went to the only place where no where one can ever see me that was when I was 6 years old when my friend Nina. She was older than me so she had a friend with her and we played hide-and-seek I know only one place to hide but she'll see me really fast. So I followed Nina and we both hid then she had a hard time findig us then we sneaked out secretly and we won. So I hid there and Adrian followed me then Vicky then Alex arived. Alex is a funny kind of girl like Julie but worse. So Chery was it and Adrian said that she is coming so we went over the wall and I was only worried about the cactus that was in front of me so I movedand went over the wall then we lost ,sorta. Then we sat down and then Vicky was wiping her slipper I asked "What's wrong you look like you've lost your mind!" She replied and showed me her foot "What the Junior Red Cross help!!" Then everyone gathered in the spot where Vicky was. "Ouchies it looks really bad" Bea said then Julie and Alex came. "What happend?!" Julie asked "Do you see the wound?!" Vicky said " Sorry" Julie said. Then we saw our Science teacher with our trainor then we practiced new move and we looked great. The next practice was at my house sowe practiced and we added new cheers and then the girls went to my room and then they read my diary. Shrine read outloud " Today was ok but the worst part is being splattered with an egg. I hate Carlo he he said sorry but the best thing is me and Therese were left inthe school with Paolo. Paolo took my bag and hid inthe 2nd grade's classroom. When I went in my skirt flew up and I pulled it so fast cause Paolo tripped me and then he gave me my bag back. but th-" before Shrine could finish we saw Adi at the window and we all shouted "ADI!!!!" then we all were in rage then he ran outside  and we all ran after him. Then me and Bea went upstairs and she read my diary ,whole diary good she didn't see the back then we went outside and Bea talked it out. And then the other girls were really shocked and kept teasing me "Paolo's girl" I was so annoyed. But I agreed that I like him just a little cause he is sometimes sweet and sometimes not. After that Vicky,Patricia,Chery and Alex were left then we played a lot in my room pillow fights and internet. The they left so I went online in facebook. And then slept. The day came that we were going to perform we performed we were really nervous then we performed. I got a wrong in one part but after that I heared my Sibika and Science teacher call my name I just ignoed them so I was really careful on the 2 boys cause we were doing a pyramid then did it two time the seconed time I heared a shout them I jumped in front. The time we finished I was at the ack of our teacers and then our Sibika and Science taecher werw talking then we started talking then I said "I was wrong at the ' Who Run The World' part sorry" then our teacher in Sibika and Science looked back and started shaking our hands and saying congrats. We sat on the chairs stacked and all of my members a.k.a Green Knights were sitting busy shouting for our teachers joining the games. The reults came and the anoucer said" The winner of first place is the.........GREEN KNIGHTS!!" we all jumped down and went to the stage and we received our certificates. Everything is over tomorrow will be aregular school day.

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