Life as a 5th Grader

I am in the 5th grade I am also sucked in the mistakes they always point it to me. There are always a lot of trouble in school and everytime I go home I think what if I restarted my life. If you want to know the whole story please read my movella!


5. More Dreams

After a few months or just a month maybe I was joining the second PRISSAAP this is an activity where kids share their talent they dance,sing and even act. I joined dancing I had to share a room with One Direction my roomates were Louis and Liam while at the other room was Bea,Tanya,Harry,Zayn and Niall. we just finished dancing and it was quarter to 10 and Louis shouted " WASH YOUR FACE! IT'S FULL OF MAKE-UP!!!''I ignored him and went to the bathroom and washed my face when Niall put his arm on the wall blocking the way and he said " Hey beautiful" I didn't reply cause he kissed me on the lips we stopped cause Louis shouted " I DON'T HEAR WATER!" then Niall went back to his room and I washed my face but we still needed to get back to the Pavillion cause we hadn't got our socials yet then me and Bea walked cause there was no vehicle that can take us then a limo dashed in front of us then it stopped Niall and Harry got out and invited us to ride then we both agreed. At the limo I kept laughing cause of Niall when we arrived Bea and Harry went in first then we got out Niall kissed me again for a long time then he said "Wake up" Then pushed him and woke up hugging my pillow. What the Niall but I like Louis. I went to school and had a new lesson Filipino is hard then we had a quiz and I failed. At Science class I was so bored of our lesson that I daydreamed " Where am I?" I said " In London" A voice answered " Well it doesn't look like London" I said "So what your in a dream" the voice said then One Direction came out of nowhere and sang ' It's Gotta Be You' in front of me and blushed then Louie pulled out a boquet of flowers "Niall got it for you but he was shy to give it to you" Louie said then Julie woke me up "Roch answer" She said "Uhh......protective covering!" I shouted then everyone laughed "Well she is right" then I sat down. I hate this school so much!! After the next day "Get them out of there would ya?" Julie said. Nuts! Another dream. "Fine I'll go if Bea and Tanya go with me" I said then we went in the toystore and saw Liam challange a boy in Donkey-Kong then suddenly the doors closed and the lights darkened and I bumped on Niall so both of us were on consuouis meaning we fainted. When I woke up Theophany was tied up cause she was buying a gift for her brother. "Whoever challanges me in 1 on 1 combat I will let all of you go " a wierd voice said then I stood up and said "I'll challange you weirdo" then he came out and he was like  Paolo but shorter and uglyer. Then I took a right uppercut and kickeed him on the chin another punch and kick and I ran to the wall and flipped and kicked him. Then he let all of us go " Thanks for saving us love" Harry said "No problem " Then I woke up kicking my 2 year old sister.

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