Life as a 5th Grader

I am in the 5th grade I am also sucked in the mistakes they always point it to me. There are always a lot of trouble in school and everytime I go home I think what if I restarted my life. If you want to know the whole story please read my movella!


8. Hello Facebook!!!

So it was semestrial break and I always check my facebook account and Bea is posting a lot of fake signs and it was mostly about me and Niall. But usually I watch old video diaries of 1D in the X-Factor but I chat with some friends a little. It was a Monday when we went to a resort that has a zipline,big swimming pool and a bungee jump or as I call it trampoline! We were gonna go there cause my cousin's cousin  was visiting.First I said "Wow! Good that were gonna come here before or after our culminating activity" my granddad said "Ok but first eat! You need energy to explore the whole resort" So I ate a lot I even lost count on how much times did I get a refill on my soup. After that I went swimming, bungee jumping and ziplining! BEST DAY EVER!!!!! After that day I spent all day facebooking and chatting looking at 1D pics and videos. This time we had a war well in one of the comments with some classmates who are boys well of course it was about One Direction. Well I know boys only hate 1D cause they can't say the words that 1D sing like 'More Than This' and 'One Thing' the boys really can't say anything to their crushes. So we started  talking me and Bea on the comments when Adrian wrote 'they are GAY!' I started defending myself then Carlo supported Adrian but  then I kept putting 'then why does Louie have a girlfriend' it was hard writting and defending myself then suddenly Carlo wrote 'some boys can do that' then I wrote back 'do what ?' then he wrote 'So girls only like boy bands and boy singers and no girl bands and girl singers but if I had a girlfriend I'd shout to the whole world I love her so much' that caught my attention I was like Wow does he mean it ? I kinda felt something like I like him ? WHat!! Well we have a little in common and I think he has a crush on me. We both trade my stuff so he won't bully me so it worked. We both like the same place. Our grandfathers are soldiers. We talk a lot. And the staring thing when he was declaming. He is a little cute and we are good friends. So I was gonna write back but he wrote 'everything on the pic is bla bla bla' I laughed. After that day I went on facebook again and played Tetris and more games. I never forgot the Carlo thing so I just I wanna forget about him. But our fight with Adrian is not yet over. Bea is a hero!!! She saved me of being the only person defending One Direction. Directioners is  a family.

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