Life as a 5th Grader

I am in the 5th grade I am also sucked in the mistakes they always point it to me. There are always a lot of trouble in school and everytime I go home I think what if I restarted my life. If you want to know the whole story please read my movella!


2. Games!

The next day I was late and my teacher scolded me but at recess I was feeling good already. "Hey Rochy let's play hide and seek! And nice new bag" Shrine shouted. Shrine was my best friend but Theophany said that she became snobbish when she was at 3rd grade. But now were cool. " Yeah sure and thank you. " I shouted back. Then we played for a loong time cause our next subject teacher was absent our teacher came into the room and shouted " Go back to your seats!" " Danica list whoever is standing and no excuses even if they need to pee!" She added.Then our teacher left the room bringing her Filipino 6 book. Somebody whispered in my ear " Rochy, let's play Bang" It was my friend Julie. Julie is my friend she makes  me laugh always. "Ha! I win" I shouted. "Rochelle keep quiet!" Danica shouted " Yes mam ". I replied. Then I just took out my phone and played an Irish song. When I was a kid my dad in Singapore made me listen to Irish songs then that was the time I started collecting money to go to Ireland. '' Hey Roch what the heck are you playing?" Julie asked '' Nothing just Stereo Hearts '' I replied " Well let me sing with you!'' Julie said. Then we just sang together. ''Lunch! Everyone please form your line'' Danica said . So we formed our line and went out to get our lunches. Some of us go home to eat and some eat at school. I usually eat at school and after I stay on our playground to play.  " Julie, Tanya! Wait up!" I shouted. Tanya is my friend like in our group but she wants to publish fan-fics. " Rochy c'mon hurry up!" Tanya said "Ok ok '' I replied. '' Who wants to play a game later!'' Carlo shouted " We do!" All of us shouted " Only after class'' Julie said . All of us agreed . After lunch it was civics our teacher is the best he let's us play games . And he makes us laugh. After class we played " Your it!'' Paolo shouted "Not fair I' tying my shoelace!" Marga shouted. Marga is the best friend of Tanya they both sing Marga is pretty smart, smarter than me!" Fine! Gotcha Alfred your it!"Paolo shouted. Alfred is an athletic boy too he had a crush on Theophany. '' Game!'' Alfred shouted . Theophany pulled me out of the game and pulled out from her  bag board games "Snake and Ladders please'' I said "Ok I think I have it here'' Theophany said. Then she took out the game from the bag. And we played. When I got home I did my English and Filipino assignment. I finished my homework only for 10 minutes. After that I watched t.v and hoped tomorrow will be the greatest day ever!                                                                                             

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