Life as a 5th Grader

I am in the 5th grade I am also sucked in the mistakes they always point it to me. There are always a lot of trouble in school and everytime I go home I think what if I restarted my life. If you want to know the whole story please read my movella!


7. Celebration!

Few months passed and it's October and it's our school's aniversary so there were a lot of competition. I relized that I hated Paolo cause he kept teasing me Niall sucks and One Direction is gay, also Adrian he is really getting in my nerves. I was in a regular day when our teacher let me sing in front of the class so I sang then she let me sing a duet with Shrine. We practiced a lot of times our trainor was Adi's mom. I also joined popular dance it's really easy to manage my time but the steppings are really hard my song I memorize my movement and everything. My dance moves I don't memorize. My classmates Adrian, Adi, Paolo,Chery ( the one who likes Zayn ), Therese ( she is always playing with me), Patricia ( boastful kind  of person), Danica, Maybelline( likes to be called Belle and the best badminton player I've ever met), and more. The time kept repeating and repeating over and over and over and over again is so tiring. Plus I was a dancer in our sportsfest! The moves are so hard we always practice 4-6pm! So we I mean Theophany and I are having the worst month of our lives! In our popular dance we practiced at the clubhouse. We were wearing our nerd glasses and using pompoms but it is like a firework but it's all paper. At the clubhouse we had to practice a lot our duet and dance. And the others had to practiced their intermission number in the feeding program the next next day. Me and Shrine are practicing our movements on the stage. We are pretty good at it or dresses were the same but different colors. The next day we had our fun-run it's a 5 kilometer jog so I woke up 5:00 in the morning with my mom. So we rode a taxi it was so early I fell asleep in the taxi. When we arrived we saw the girls on the railings "Rochy!!!" Theophany shouted "Theophany what time did you wakeup?" I asked "Ummm.... about 4 am I guess. C'mon teacher is checking our attendance!" She shouted so I went to our adviser. After that the fun-run stated we were at the back so we can talk. We ran ahead our P.E teacher that is the fittest person in the school! We were really happy. After the run we were super tired our legs were cramping and we had no water so we all drank a lot. The next was our flash-mob in the mall. So we had speeches and bla bla bla whatever thing they need to say and we had our flash-mob we heard the music and started to dance along at 'Starships' we were outside the stage and was really hard to know where to go. So it was an........EPIC FAIL!! But we were looking for our heels for my duet it wasn't fair cause Shrine had to go bond with the other girls and I was stuck with my mom. " Wow nice heels Rochy" Theophany complimented "Thanks could you call Shrine her mother is calling her" I said "No problem they said they'll come here anyways" Theophany said. Shrine sat beside me and said "BOO! Boo Bear" I looked beside me and said "Really well ok if your Boo Bear I'm Nialler" We both laughed "Try this on please" my mom said "Ok mom" I answered "Special treatment" Theophany said "Hahaha very funny" I said. So fitted my heels it was a little high I never wear heels cause I'm flat footed so I never wear heels. After that a few weeks passed and it's time to perform. I memorized my moves and my song. I performed our song with Shrine and we were like the best pair singing. Seriosly! We have feelings and we were in tune. After that I ran to my mom to change to my dance outfit. We were practicing with our props and stuff. After that we went out and and we watched the others perform. When it was time we performed at 'Gangnam Style' I slipped the 4th grade laughed at me I got so mad at them I didn't talk to even 1 4th grader for one month! We won 2nd place and the 4th grade won 1st place. Then it was our semestrial break. So FACEBOOK,TWITTER,INSTAGRAM welcome to my world!!!! Well until November only.  




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