Raindrops & Sunshine

Candy's mum died a year ago leaving her with her dad . Her dad continued being himself and tried to support Candy but got hung up on beer and mysteriously disappeared... ( Niall Horan fan fiction )


2. The Start Of Something New

I twiddled my fingers as I waited for my grandmother. She would be here any minute now . Oh , and before I forget , my name's Candy Pajamas. And yes, i know it's an extremely weird name , but I actually like it . I'm eighteen , my hair is bright blue , curly , my eyes are grey and i have thin crooked  fingers. I live in a large house that lays in a quiet area . I've also graduated from Rose's Beauty School . I'm currently studying at a university and taking on writing courses and all that . I have recently written 5 books which , thankfully , were big hits. The only ones whom are no longer supporting me are my parents . They are no longer in my life for they aren't in this world anymore . Actually , i'm not so sure about my dad because he just disappeared one night .


" RINNG " 


I snapped out of my trance , my heart pounding . I got up from my seat and opened the door . A smiling , elderly lady stood in front of me .I invited her in and soon , my grandma piled me with questions about my life . Of course , she brought up questions about my love life , which irritated me . Obviously , i didn't have a boyfriend yet but only because i didn't want one . Having one would be a bit troublesome but there are times when i actually want one to talk to . cuddle with and to have fun with . 


I didn't answer my grandmother . A heavy silence filled the room and we just sat there .She then turned on the television , trying to break the silence . Five boys with huge , friendly smiles on their faces stared back at the camera , as if looking at us . A man spoke into a microphone saying that a lucky caller would be able to spend 7 weeks with them , in the comfort of their own home. A number flashed on the screen and i remembered every single digit perfectly . 

" Hey , why don't you call them ? At least you won't be lonely and they'll make good friends . Just think , one of them could be your future boyfriend! " 

" Ha , like that would ever happen " 


Reluctantly i picked up my cellphone and dialled in the number . 

"Congratulations! You're the lucky winner! Now you may talk to Harry Styles. "


"Erm, hello?"

"Hello ! So what's your name and address?"

I answered his inquiries in a shaky voice , hoping i didn't sound so awfully awkward . 

"You know , i think you're the first girl whom i've met without having my ears killed . I mean you're not even fangirling! Your voice sounds so angelic and musical ..." he trails off.

I blushed a crimson red.

" Anyway , we'll see you on Tuesday at 8 pm! "

says a cute boy with an Irish accent . 

I smiled and waved back , as if they would ever notice. I hung up and excitement starts to fill me . For a moment there i forgot about my sweet granny . She heartily laughs and hugged me tightly . I smiled warmly and got up with her to the kitchen to bake my favourite batch of brownies . I bit an apple as questions start to fill my mind . 

would they think i'm ugly ? Would they fear being with me and avoid me for the rest of their seven weeks? Maybe i'm not as cool as people say .Will they ever like me? 

I sighed and felt a hole burn in my stomach . 

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