Raindrops & Sunshine

Candy's mum died a year ago leaving her with her dad . Her dad continued being himself and tried to support Candy but got hung up on beer and mysteriously disappeared... ( Niall Horan fan fiction )


1. The Past

" Mum ? Mum ?! MUM ! " i yelled through my tears. i shook her lifeless body hoping for a miracle . Dad placed a hand on my shoulder trying to console me but he himself couldn't stop sobbing . i wailed as loud as i could , not caring what others would think . They pulled me away from her corpse , and covered her in a white cloth . i ran all the way back into my room , locking myself in there . i didn't even bother to attend the rest of the funeral ; it was just too much to handle .


~ 2 months later ~

Dad came home late , again . it seemed to become a new habit of his to go out drinking til the wee hours of the morning . He still hasn't gotten over the fact that his lovely wife died . Now all he does is just get completely wasted , something i really discourage. But he doesn't listen . He hardly ever listens to anyone these days .


~ 3 weeks later ~

" Dad! Grandma's coming to visit us next Friday ! Dad? Dad! Where are you?! " 

i practically flipped the house upside down searching for my dad . i fought back my tears . Why did he have to leave me like this ? WHY?! Anger rises inside me , as if it had been boiling for years . Naturally , my anger is replaced by sadness and as if on cue , it starts to pour . The lightning flashes and thunder booms . i felt as if my world was falling apart , that my life was officially over . 

" What's wrong with you Candy Pajamas! Of course your life isn't over . Yet . You're a straight A's student with more money than you'll ever need! Besides , how would the rest of your family feel if YOU were dead ? You've got friends and even a roof over your head . Get your act together and do at least SOMETHING in your life . " The voice in my head yells. i sighed . Yes , i definitely had to do something...

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