Mother Chapter 3

A mothers love and understanding. How she stands by. Through everything. She will never leave you. Even though it may seem that way at times.


1. Mother Chapter 3

A mother is a woman getting older with fears. Alot of fears. Alot of doubts. No one wants her around any more they don't have time for her. Just put her in a nursing home. Don't bother to go and see her. They don't bother to make her feel special.


She feels alone with no home of her own. She knows she has nothing left. Except for long lost memories. She looks back on all the good times and bad. She will always remember the love she had.  Now everyone has just walked away and left her a lonely soul.


She has nothing to do but sit around and watch tv, or listen to the radio, crochet, and knit. She is so hurt. It makes her feel so helpless because she can't do the things she is supposed to do. It is in her mind that family and friends don't want to wait on her. She can see it on their face.


All they do is shut her out. It would please her  to go out to eat or for a ride in the country. Any where would do. Not sit around and be blue. It does not please her to feel sorry for herself. That is not her style. She has grace and style. She is a woman that has gave her all. She wants and needs respect.


But they all have families of their own and does not want to worry about her. This is what I see everyday. It is a shock to see some prople treat their mother like this. Instead of doing this. They need to be on their knees thanking God they have a mother. That she is alive. This makes me so mad.


All they do is watch her grow old.............What do they think mothers are for............



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