1D The One

Stephanie - Harry or Zayn?


1. The boys

Stephanie's P.O.V

I was walking home from work when I bumped into the one and only HARRY STYLES from One Direction!!! "OMG, I am so sorry!" I said trying to stay calm. " It is fine umm.... sorry what is your name?!". I told him my name was Stephanie and he said that was a really cute name. " Hey S............. Stephanie I know we only just met but can I have your number, please? and of course I gave him my number.

Later on that day I got a text from Harry

From Harryluvsu

Hey babe do you wunna come round to my house and meet the boys??

He called me babe I wonder if he really likes me or if hes just being kind! And I replied

Yeah that would be great. Cant wait to c u babe

He told me he was goin to pick me up in 20 so I got changed as quickly as I could!When Harry arrive I felt so flushed I could pop, he kept looking at me with his sexy eyes and grin...... I really wanted to kiss him but I didn't obviously, I didn't need to in the end he kissed me on the way to his house in the car. He is the best kisser in the world!!!

Zayn's P.O.V

When Harry walked in with his new girl I wanted to die on the spot she was so hot and I couldn't help but stare at her with my jaw open wide I wanted to kiss her so much but I couldn't cus she was Harry's girl not mine all I could do was say " Hi babe what is your name?" but when I said that Harry gave me a look as in to say she is mine, I think she noticed so she replied and said " my name is Stephanie!"  in a flushed voice. Her voice was so sexy it just made me like her even more

Niall's P.O.V

Something is going on between Harry and Zayn! Harry keeps giving Zayn back off kind of looks and Zayn keeps staring at Stephanie, I think they have fallen in love with her even though they just met her like an hour ago. Something bad is going to happen.

Stephanie's P.O.V

Zayn keeps staring with a painful look in his eyes at me I think he likes me as well as Harry, if he even likes me anyway I think he does I mean we did kiss for like 10 seconds in the limo. But I think I like Zayn as well or do I like Harry, I don't know

Harry's P.O.V

Will Zayn just stop staring at her she is mine not his when is he going to realize that for fuck sake! I love her and I think she loves me too, I just want to kiss her but I can't to that in front of the boys . Zayn is jealous and upset that it is me that she loves but he will have to deal with it!

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