Forever And Always

17 yr carter is ur average Canadian girl. Well,apart from being Justin bieber's 'BFF'.
Suddenley one day she Gets the job of his opening Act for jb world tour. Everything happens and feeling are found and fights are made. Love is flying in the air,but will carter admit it?


3. 3

Carter's POV

I woke up in a different room. It was plain and there are people with uniforms. Also- wait, am I in a chair? Hold up.....oh my gosh I'm at the police station. I think I'm in a room where they speak to the victim or something. But why would I be he- oh shit. I soon as I realize what this situation is, I get up from the chair, in the process I knocked it down. I go to the door and open it. I then go through and I find myself in the middle of a hallway. I walk to my right and find myself where the waiting room is or whatever you call it. I see Justin talking to an officer with a serious look. He then spots me and a wash of relief flashes on his face. He comes over to me and then gives me hug. I didn't hug back. "Hey carter, what's wrong?" I don't answer. It's like I want to talk but I can't seem to form words. I guess I'm in shock or something. "Carter? Everything's gonna be okay" I finally learn how to speak again."Thanks for everything Justin." I then give him a hug which he immediately reacts to. I look at the officers and realize what I have to do now.


After all of the questioning and what not, Justin and I went to my house. "I see that they cleaned up" "Um, yeah they probably knew you'd want to come back for anything so..." " But really Justin, I really appreciate what you did." He just nodded "I was walking to the kitchen when...."hey carter, I umm, wanted to tell you something earlier" "Okay, what was it then?" "It was supposed to be a surprise but that didn't turn out... Well whatever. So I was just saying that yourcomingontoirwithmeandyourmyopeningact." I just looked at him. Out of all the times he has jumbled up his words, I have understood him every time. I was poker face .-. Until the news finally sunk in. He knows my stage fright. I don't mind traveling around but singing? In front of thousands of people? How could he. "You know I have terrible stage fright." "I know I know but I think it'll be good for you and I thought that you'd like to spend time with me" I don't why I even said what I said but I can't take it back now." You know what? Lets do this then.Screw the singing. As long as I'm with my best friend, I'll be okay" 

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