Forever And Always

17 yr carter is ur average Canadian girl. Well,apart from being Justin bieber's 'BFF'.
Suddenley one day she Gets the job of his opening Act for jb world tour. Everything happens and feeling are found and fights are made. Love is flying in the air,but will carter admit it?


2. 2

Carter's POV

"Jus- Justin!Sta- Stap it!"i giggled as justin was tickling me to DEATH!! We are having one of our "fights" again."Not until you say 'Justin Bieber is the most talented person i know'!" "Justin Bieber is the mo-""What is going on!?" uh-oh. my dad's here. "no-nothing." i stuttered out, afraid of what was going to happen next. "Didn't seem like nothin, huh? I swear you are just as bitchy as your mother.!" If you haven't noticed my dad isn't..... let's just say the best. My mom and dad got a divorce when i was 11 because he caught her in bed with his best bud. He has been hurting me physically and mentallly since then. He now has anger managment classes and takes medication. He didn't take it today."Mr.Valdez we weren't doing anything wrong" Shit. Justin needs to get out of her, now. "What did you just say to me punk!" "Dad just stop it! I'm tired of this constant fighting here! Why can't you be a good father to me! You are so mind controlling and you're only like this because that bitch of a wife you have has been telling you not to take that fuckin pill!!" His face was as red as ever. My tears were slowly running down my face like a light stream. He came closer, and closer and so close I could feel his breath on me. "What'd you just say about Molly?" Oh, no."I said, that she was a bitch of a wife." "Carter, no!"______________________________________ I hit the floor with my cheek burning and landing with a thump. The floor around my hand and face is red, on the white tile floor. The last I see is Justin's beautiful face, filled with worry and anger, come towards me, tears streaming down his face.

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