Spooky story

It is very scary and good.


2. The missing child

"We beta go research the Goblins, you go search the internet, Ill go rake in Grandpa's old books!" Hayley said skipping over to the bookshelf. Chloe, managed to log onto the laptop and research the Goblin horror. She scanned the text reading each sentence accuratly. "It says here that once the Goblin has captured its minuin, he will treat him/her as a slave to kill the rest of us humans!" Chloe spoke, getting louder and louder. Hayley Gasped dropping the book she was reading, "And in this book it say that the goblin will give us a slow death and then to the rest of us we will have to be chained up, and the only way to stop them is finding the golden tresure which was hidden a long time ago!" Chloe stopped for a minute getting up from her seat, walking towards the bookshelf where Hayley was standing. "What if we find the treasure before him, and trick him into letting Polly go?" Chloe said as Hayley agreed.

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