Spooky story

It is very scary and good.


3. The journey to the underworld

Suddenly, the boat stopped floating and began to sink, leaving Hayley and Chloe to gasp and worry. "Whats happening?" Hayley asked looking over the edge where loads of hungry vicous sharks were swimming round the boat chomping their teeth together. "The sharks are wanting the dinner!" Chloe shouted, running around terrortory. She took out a death signal from the supply box waving it back and forth shouting for her life. "Quick pass me the oar I will try to hit them to make them swim away!" Hayley squealed not wating to die. Chloe took the oar passing it to Hayley. Hayley was fghting for her life, spanking each one hard on the head, "Hayley, I know what to do give me oar trust me!" Chloe bellowed, taking the oar. She dived into the water and swam to the shaw using the oar to fight the sharks on her way. "Come on Hayley!" Chloe screamed "before the boats in shreds!" Hayley swan for her life until she reached the shaw.

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