Spooky story

It is very scary and good.


4. The island

 One hour later, Hayley was back to herself "Chloe? Are you there? Ouch!" Hayley said rolling up her trouser leg to find a bleeding shark bite. She took a deep breath rolling it back down and stood up and walked on to find Chloe. Chloe was lying there stll as a stone. "Chloe? Can you hear me?" Hayley nudged her then suddenly blinked a couple of times then at up staring into space."I..i.. I saw a..a" Hayley interrupted "A what? What did you see? Tell me!" Chloe carried on with her sentence "I.. saw a. Goblin. It was runing off with my bag. I tried to stp him but he was too  fast." Hayley gasped helping Chloe onto her feet. A blood stain was faidly printed onto Hayleys leg. "Whats wrong with your leg?" Chloe said glancing at her leg. "Oh its nothing just a shark bite thats all." Hayley said Skrewing up her face whilst rubbing her knee. "Ahh, ok lets go seach the island. Im quite hungry."Chloe replied  heading off. They found a couple of eatable berries and 3 beaten apples. They sat down on a patch of gass then suddenly a shadowy figure blocked the sunlight standing there still...

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