Spooky story

It is very scary and good.


1. The children

Hundreds of years ago, three children called Hayley, Chloe and Polly were out playing tag. Hayley and Chloe were discussing Pollys new haircut, "O.M.G she looks like an alien" Chloe remarked. Hayley nodded in relife that she wasnt the only one who hated it. Chloe suddenly turned round and Polly was gone, only two little shoes standing there. "Phew... Shes finally gone!" Hayley gloated. Chloe ran over to the miture doll size shoes.A doll who looked like Polly was tucked inside the shoe. "Oh no Hayley, Polly is a...a.. a Doll" Chloe gasped in horror. Hayley ran over to join Chloe, "What are we gong to do?" Hayley said biting her nails cautiously...

  "We must go find help." Hayley suggested. Wandering up and down the hallway, "No we will fix this case on our own! We will work as a team. Together!" Chloe promoted. They both sat on the couch, as it squeaked they looked at each other. "What if the Master Goblin has taken her!" They both said shaking their heads in dispear...

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