The Sheep Murder and Little Miss Duo Nutella

Historien handler om Little Miss Duo Nutella, et får og The Sheep Murder. Afsnittene er lavet sådan at man først høre om fåret, så Little Miss Duo Nutella, så The Sheep Murder, Så fåret også videre .. God læselyst :)

- Historien er skrevet på engelsk, da det var en skoleopgave, men den er ikke så svær at læse <3

This story is about a girl called Little Miss Duo Nutella, a sheep and The Sheep Murder. The Chapters is made a little different than usual, but i hope you can understand it :)

Sorry for the fails..


8. The sheep murder and Little Miss Duo Nutella.

What was that? Carrot Budding II, thought. He looked around to see if there was any one. But there weren’t.”No, there isn't anybody down here” he yelled back. ”Or actually there is, because I am here. But excepted for me and allot of sheep there aren't anybody else down here“
Section 9
The bag was opened and a silhouette of a mega meat-mincer was standing in front of me. Sheep bones were laying on the floor, and there were wool wisps over all.
Section 10
“OMG” Little Miss Duo Nutella whispered. Then she took a deep breath and took another step down stairs. “Hello” she asked, but the silence answered with an echo. “Hello” she asked again, and a manly deep voice answered her “hello” Little Miss Duo Nutella made a fart, just because she was so scared. “Ups” She whispered to Mr. Unicorn that she still had pressed under her arm. “Who's there?” She asked out in the dark. “I am Carrot Budding II, and I am veeery scary!” An old man came out in the light. He had gray long hair and worned close. “Gasp” Little Miss Duo Nutella said. “Ha ha have you be been staying here a a all time?” Little Miss Duo Nutella stutted. A hoarse laughing came from the old man “Yes, I have been here all time” His laugh were getting higher and higher, and Little Miss Duo Nutella were getting more and more ignored. “Would you please stop that laughing, I’m getting a headache!” ”Oh I am sorry maybe I should try with another laugh” Little Miss Duo Nutella looked at Mr. Unicorn and then back on Carrot Budding II with lift eyebrows. “Or maybe I shouldn't” he said, and looked down on the floor. “Yes, maybe you shouldn't try with another laugh. Maybe you should get cleaned up, and get the hell out of my basement!” Little Miss Duo Nutella yelled. “Easy now” he said, but before he said more he got interrupted, of a little noise. ”Baaaaaaah.” “Was that a .... Sheep” Little Miss Duo Nutella asked. “What, nooo.” Carrot Budding II said. “Baaaaaah.” “Listen, there was it again,” she said and look suspicious at him. “Ohh, that, no that was just my stomach” Carrot Budding II said with a big smile. “No, that isn’t just your stomach. That was defiantly a sheep, and I know it!” Said Little Miss Duo Nutella, with anger in her voice. “Proof it!” Carrot Budding II yelled back to her. Little Miss Duo Nutellas eyes were red of rage. Without any word, she walked past Carrot Budding II, in to the dark, to proof it.
Section 11
I could hear the little girl getting closer to my hiding place. “Baaaah” I said so she could hear me. “Oh there you are your little poor thing” A little girl took my up in her arms. “Baaah” I said again, just because I liked to say that sound.
Section 12
“See, what did I say.” Little Miss Duo Nutella was holding the sheep up so Carrot budding II could see it. “Yes, that’s right, thát is a sheep. But I swear I have never seen it before!” He said. “You’re lying! You want to kill this little sweet sheep, by putting it into a meat-mincer, like you did with all the other sheep! Just because a whole bunch of other sheep were destroying your shop, and eating all you Puddings!” Little Miss Duo Nutella yelled. “Where does you ´know that from” Carrot Pudding II said with tears in his eyes. “I know because, I .. I just know all right!” She said.  “Okay, I admit it. I was planning to do all those stuff with that little sheep. But it wasn’t my point to hurt it, just harm it a little bit. Or I don’t know. I feel so bad.” Carrot budding II where crying his eyes out now. “Okay” said Little Miss Duo Nutella “I can see you are sorry for what you did, so you are forgiven!”
-And then they all four (Little Miss Duo Nutella, the sheep, Carrot Budding II and Mr. Unicorn) lived happy ever after!

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