The Sheep Murder and Little Miss Duo Nutella

Historien handler om Little Miss Duo Nutella, et får og The Sheep Murder. Afsnittene er lavet sådan at man først høre om fåret, så Little Miss Duo Nutella, så The Sheep Murder, Så fåret også videre .. God læselyst :)

- Historien er skrevet på engelsk, da det var en skoleopgave, men den er ikke så svær at læse <3

This story is about a girl called Little Miss Duo Nutella, a sheep and The Sheep Murder. The Chapters is made a little different than usual, but i hope you can understand it :)

Sorry for the fails..


6. The sheep murder and Little Miss Duo Nutella.

The rain had stopped and Little Miss Duo Nutella had crawled out of the hiding place, under the blanket. “Come on Mr. Unicorn its safe now” said Little Miss Duo Nutella. “Bang” a big noise came from the basement. Little Miss Duo Nutella hurried to hide under the blanket again. “What was that Mr. Unicorn?” Little Miss Duo Nutella looked at the unicorn. “It’s ok Mr. Unicorn I’m scared to!” She took a deep breath and left the hiding place with Mr. Unicorn pressed into her heart. Shacking she took a step down the stairs to the basement where the strange and loud noise came from. “Hello, Is anybody here?”

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