The Sheep Murder and Little Miss Duo Nutella

Historien handler om Little Miss Duo Nutella, et får og The Sheep Murder. Afsnittene er lavet sådan at man først høre om fåret, så Little Miss Duo Nutella, så The Sheep Murder, Så fåret også videre .. God læselyst :)

- Historien er skrevet på engelsk, da det var en skoleopgave, men den er ikke så svær at læse <3

This story is about a girl called Little Miss Duo Nutella, a sheep and The Sheep Murder. The Chapters is made a little different than usual, but i hope you can understand it :)

Sorry for the fails..


4. The sheep murder and Little Miss Duo Nutella.

Carrot Budding II hated them. And he had hated them all his life. Sheep. It all started a Monday, in the beautiful autumn, 1981. The little boy Carrot Budding II, had just built his own little shop, and was begging to sell some very pretty carrot-puddings. But suddenly a whole bunch of sheep came running against him. Carrot Budding II ran to hide behind a bush. When he came back all his Puddings were eaten and his little shop was destroyed. And from that day on he hated them!

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