LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG part 2- Love....or Hurt?

LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG part 2-Love...or hurt, next part after LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG part 1- Unforggetable Summer!

It's been a year since Best friends Tamara and Monica meet One Direction at the camp site! What happens after summer? I'll just give you a hint one direction come to Melbourne, see the girls, have a tour at Australia, England and Ireland, the girls are introduced to the celebrity world.. But ... There's a twist ....

No hate, there will be a part 3! :) look out for LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG part 3- Dead or Alive?


5. Nando's? Yummy

Monica's P.O.V. We go inside and eat, as me and Tam were getting the car the boys grab our hands "Wonna come to mine?" Says Jesse looking at us, before we could say anything they pull us into his car and where off to an apartment. The boys take us in and we sit down in the living room, it was connected to two bedrooms, the bedrooms had there own toilets and showers connected to them and the kitchen was in the same room as the living room, Sam turns on the t.v and Jesse goes to get drinks he sits down passing one to me and Tam "sorry, we both don't drink." I say "it's ok, it's just the containers, chill" we both have some.... Something was weird i just wanted more and more and so did Tam, after about 10-12 bottles each Jesse turns on some music and Sam turns down the lighting. "Wonna dance?" They ask us "sure" we say answering back before they take our hands 5 minuets of dancing and Sam puts a sock in my mouth, Tam can't hear a thing, Sam pulls me on a chair and starts grinding on me "AHHH!" I hear Tamara say as Jesse puts a sock in her mouth too.... He drags her out into another room.... No... What have I done... There... Sam takes my top off and ....... The rest is blank....

Tamara's P.O.V.
....Uh.... I sit up... I'm naked in a room I don't remember.... Next to me is Jesse he's naked too and to the other side of me is empty drinks and our clothes, I get up trying not to fall over, I start putting on my bra when I feel someone touching me... I look around to see Jesse "Hey babe....your good....very.." He grabs me "come on" I can't get out of his grip... What have I gotten myself into! Jesse pulls me into the room next and and pushes me into the shower... He starts the water and starts feeling me... As soon as the water hits me I'm awake, I turn around trying to make him think I'm still drunk SMACK! I hit him and he's out cold. I get out of the shower put on my clothes and get out my phone, I call the police, there on there way, I sit there... Scared.. Shivering... I need Niall... I get up...MONICA... I rush to my bag and get out pepper spray. I walk into the room to see Monica lying there.... Sam next to her I get near the bed and Sam grabs me, turns me so he's on top of me and I'm lying on the bed pulling my hands so that I can't put the pepper spray in his eyes... "Hey there Sexy" he says licking me "Get off me!" I scream he puts all his weight on me and starts kissing my neck.... BAM! The police knock down the door to where we are, Sam loosens his grip on me and I quickly spray him with pepper spray. They get him and Jesse and take them outside "There going to jail, where they belong..., your friend is in the local hospital" says the head officer to me "T... t... Thankyou so much!" I stutter and hug him.
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