LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG part 2- Love....or Hurt?

LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG part 2-Love...or hurt, next part after LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG part 1- Unforggetable Summer!

It's been a year since Best friends Tamara and Monica meet One Direction at the camp site! What happens after summer? I'll just give you a hint one direction come to Melbourne, see the girls, have a tour at Australia, England and Ireland, the girls are introduced to the celebrity world.. But ... There's a twist ....

No hate, there will be a part 3! :) look out for LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG part 3- Dead or Alive?


6. Is...She....Ok?

Tamara's P.O.V.

I'm in the hospital, holding Monica's phone, I turn it on, there's so many messages from Harry... Has she been ignoring him or something, I call Harry "Monica babe! In so glad your okay!" He says to me thinking I'm her... I can't help it... I start crying.. "That's not you... Tam?" He asks "H...H.. Hi Harry" I say crying even more "what's wrong?" He asks back "Monica's in hospital... I'm so sorry... I got there to late.. It's all my fault!" I scream "what hospital?" He says, "Geelong Hospital" and with that he hangs up... I'm not leaving Monica till she's awake....

Harry's P.O.V.

Me and the boys walk into the room..... I just stare at Monica lying there.... Niall runs over to a crying Tamara and pulling her into a hug "Boo, it's gunna be ok!" He says comforting her she looks up and kisses him "I'm sorry Harry...." She says I walk over and hug her "you owe me an explanation, what happened?" I asks and she tells me everything... Niall nearly started crying when he found out what Jesse did to Tamara.... "Niall, Zayn, Liam and Lou can you guys take Tamara out for dinner or something" I say "IM NOT LEAVING!" She screams "you need to get out!" I say kissing her on the cheek in a friend way like I'm her brother. They leave and I'm just here staring at Monica again... I sit down and take her hand "Monica, If you can hear me baby, please wake up I love you" I say tears in my eyes the doctor walks past and stops at the door "I'm sorry Harry, but give up" he says and walks away I burst into tears when I feel someone playing with my curls I look up, Monica's looking at me "MONICA!?" I scream "Harry! Shh!" She says and kisses me
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