LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG part 2- Love....or Hurt?

LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG part 2-Love...or hurt, next part after LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG part 1- Unforggetable Summer!

It's been a year since Best friends Tamara and Monica meet One Direction at the camp site! What happens after summer? I'll just give you a hint one direction come to Melbourne, see the girls, have a tour at Australia, England and Ireland, the girls are introduced to the celebrity world.. But ... There's a twist ....

No hate, there will be a part 3! :) look out for LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG part 3- Dead or Alive?


8. England Concert!

Monica's P.O.V.

We get our stuff and go into our plane off to England for the boys second concert on their tour, I cuddle with Harry as I fall to sleep I hear someone take a photo... In the morning I get woken up by Harry screaming 10 minuets till we land. We get off and to our apartments, the next 12 says will be the same till the concert 'Bing' its my phone "hey beautiful, come to my room -Harry" I grab my pillow and tell Tam I'm going to see Harry. "Harry" I whisper while knocking, he opens the door and let's me in, we sit down next to the t.v "How do you feel, knowing everyone knows where together babe?" He asks me while putting on a movie and cuddling next to me with popcorn "i don't care what they say, I love you and that's all that matters!" I answer back and kiss him, he put on Bambi, we cuddle eat popcorn and watch the movie before talking and falling to sleep on the sofa. I loved that!

Harry's P.O.V.

We went to our venue it was the day of the England concert, I couldn't wait, it had probably gone viral about me and Monica but I hopped not many knew so they could be happy when I told them, this time the girls were introducing us.
They walked on stage "Hi! Your all here to see one direction! Of course! How are you feeling?" I say into the mic I hear screams of worried, OMG and I can't believe I'm here! "Do you know who we are?" I continue I hear a lot of people say no and then Harry and Niall run out next to us, I give Harry the mic "Hi everyone this here is Monica my girlfriend!" Says Harry pointing to Monica and he passes the mic to Niall "And this is my girlfriend Tamara!" He screams pointing at me, they run off and so does Monica leaving me there on front of everyone, the boys get into there places "Hey everyone, nice to meet you! NOW GIVE IT UP FOR ONE DIRECTION!" I yell the same as before and run off stage, when i'm singing my solo in WMYB Monica comes out and I sing to her, Tam comes to and just Dances with the boys! Best concert ever!
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