Cold to the touch

Ice. We all know the word. We all know what it means. When Lara discovers her powers only aged six, she is forced to join a team of women and men in mission to save the earth and break the earth's menacing curse.


1. One world

Ice. That's the word. We all know what it means. We all know what it is. Or do we? Is it a slippery substance that is made of frost? Yep, you got it. But Lara seems to be afraid. She won't go near it. She won't touch it. She won't even look at it. Why? You might be asking yourself. Why is she afraid of ice? I'll tell you why. Because of Demantra. Demantra is a creature, a shape shifter, even. She created a curse, and she put it upon this world. Nobody knows what Demantra looks like, but she is there. She is all around us. On the floor, on cars, even on lamp posts. She is the ice. You see, when Lara's parents had their wedding, they slipped on a pool of ice, and they just... disappeared. Lara will not speak of it. It silences her when somebody is foolish enough to say it. She starts to turn around. Her feet quickly start to run. Far away. Far far away, and she will never come back. Never ever come back.

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